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Sosa412: “All Night” produced by @RealTw1ne and featuring Jaylexx & JC Of The Finest

Hailing from the City Of Pittsburgh, Pa, Hip Hop Artist/Song Writer, Sosa412 (Sharing With Others Soulful Avenues) Is a product of the fresh talent currently coming out of the Steel City. At the age of 23, Sosa412 shows with his lyrical ability and work ethic, that he is very capable of making it to the next level and represent Pittsburgh with great promise such as those who have come before him like Wiz Khalifa.


Releasing his debut Mixtape, “Just The Beginning” in the Fall Of 2012, Sosa412 has gone on to release more projects, and a few months ago dropped his single, “All Night” produced by @RealTw1ne and featuring Jaylexx & JC Of The Finest.

Really raw and street with a groovy turn, “All Night” is peppered with a definite lyrical brilliance. The track is sonically correct while this artist is unique, openly referencing his influences, where he’s not biting them, he’s just taking them, combining them and taking them into the future.

Sosa412’s talent isn’t just in storytelling or lyrical skills. It’s also in his flow, riding the beat, and the way the words just come out, and makes you nod your head. Straight out of the blocks, Sosa412 is a kinetic bundle of energy, tackling every lyric so as to inspirer his audience.

“All Night” is tightly constructed and gleefully executed, while Sosa412 proves himself to be attractive in more ways than one. Also because alongside him the features Jaylexx & JC Of The Finest, inject the track with just enough sassiness and rapid-fire rhymes to keep the party going.

The all-round relaxed vibe of the track, along with the effective and emotional vocal performances and hooks from Sosa412 and his crew make for an impressive cut. The Pittsburgh rapper delivers tight flows throughout “All Night”, as he rides the beat confidently.


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