Solace: “Across Oceans” – entrancing beat and anthems to rule listeners’ ears!

Solace Nerwal is a music producer, singer and deejay hailing from Washington DC. He began remixing at the age of 14 using only his home computer. By 16, Solace had started deejaying at private events and local clubs, and was releasing mixtapes under the alias ‘DJ Ace’. He then moved on to music production and has honed his skills by learning to play various instruments such as piano, guitar, tumbi and algozey, among others. In 2013, Solace released his self-titled debut album featuring many international artists which has turned heads around the globe.

Solace Nerwal has recently released his 2-step, Pop/EDM crossover single, “Across Oceans” which he both penned and sung. Many DJ/Producers have had crossover success, but none manage to retain quite as much artistic legitimacy as Solace Nerwal. Why?

Solace Nerwal
Solace Nerwal

While most producers compose the music and then call in a famous singer to handle the vocal hooks and verses, Solace does the job entirely by himself. And he doesn’t just get by either, he concludes the job excellently, with superb soulful vocals and a smooth uplifting production that emits feel-good vibes.

Solace’s punchy, groovy, and polished style will infect our lives with an indisputably perfect Pop/EDM construction. I can already picture this filling the arena air. It’s got builds and repose in all the right places, and while we find ourselves fully immersed in the record’s positive energy, it still leaves plenty of room for things to get even more interesting.

By the end of this ride, I’m sure you would have turned the volume dial to max. Cutting away from the straightforward pop formula, the song has got an edge not usually found on the charts, with its clever vocal interludes and biting grungy synth lines.

It’s more reminiscent of the filter-heavy electro from the late ‘00s, only a lot smoother and I’m stoked to hear it. The song displays an impressive array of carefully selected sounds, perfectly fulfilling their function in supporting a highly melodic vocal that will inevitably worm it’s way into your self-conscious.

No doubt Solace Nerwal’s star is on the rise and gaining momentum, as he proves that he is capable creating entrancing beats and anthems to rule listeners’ ears. And, cherry on the top, he can sing them himself. You’ll need less than one full hand to count the amount of producers who can achieve this!


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