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Slyzwicked: “As Real As They Come” takes you through the hills and valleys of life

Grim Reality Entertainment presents the 3rd Studio album by hip-hop recording artist Slyzwicked

Grim Reality Entertainment presents the 3rd Studio album by hip-hop recording artist Slyzwicked entitled “As Real As They Come.”  This 11-song album features production by Grim Reality Entertainment owner and resident producer, JP Tha Hustler.  The album also includes production by 6th Element on the song “Iron Mic”, while M. Green handles the production on “Time To Go”.

slyzwicked-400In promotion of the album, Slyzwicked just finished touring as part of the Butcher Knife Tour with headliners Insane Poetry and Cryptic Wisdom.  The tour went on for 4 weeks and included shows in 15 cities throughout the Midwest and Southwest.

Slyzwicked stays true to traditional hip hop. He raps clearly, articulately and never falls into the talk-rap trap that currently afflict hip hop artists. Slyzwicked raps seamlessly over any beat and sounds great. Most verses serve a purpose recounting stories that documents parts of his life. He seems to have walked what he talks and is a breath of fresh air compared to the new era of artists.

The production handled by JP Tha Hustler, 6th Element and M. Green pushes through a variety of old school, hardcore and underground styles, making no attempt to appeal to any fickle mainstream audiences. This is full of tracks that just bleed soul and grit, taking you through the hills and valleys of life.

slyzwicked-TraycardSlyzwicked injects so much soul and personality into his music and makes you feel exactly what he is saying and it would be a rarity that you wouldn’t relate to his lyrics in some way. Although many readers may approach this album thinking that it’s another attempt from an underground or independent artist attempting to hype it, striking it big in the ranks, solely for commercial success, this is definitely not the case with Slyzwicked’s, “As Real As They Come”,  and the album title says it all!

Perhaps the most noticeable, or prominent trait Slyzwicked showcases throughout this album is his ability to let his personality speak through his hard-edged rhymes. He totally shines on tracks such as, “Hate On Me”, “Iron Mic”, “One Of Those Days”, “Put Em Up” ft. JP Tha Hustler, “Kindness For Weakness” and “As Real As They Come”.

“As Real As They Come” is pure energy and fire. The beats and lyrics are all on point, and Slyzwicked’s nimble, sandpaper voice is instantly likeable as it is penetrating. He flows smoothly all of the time and I’m pretty sure he can do well even over the worst beats (thanks to JP Tha Hustler this album has no bad beats). You won’t be disappointed in this album for sure!


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