Sincerely, Abe: “Control” – pulsing, tight, and thoroughly melodic

Sincerely, Abe is an aspiring producer/composer out of Houston. He is currently working on an EP and has just released the single, entitled “Control”. The single is essentially an amalgamation of various influences from two differing styles of music into a cohesive piece.

Whether or not you enjoy Sincerely, Abe’s all-round aesthetic, his music proves to be equal parts infectious and well-crafted, qualities that many artists’ making similar music lack. “Control” is one of the year’s most hypnotizing releases, ushering in a vocal artist who both sings and raps.

The song is pulsing, tight, and thoroughly melodic. Sincerely, Abe’s voice, a forceful but elegant croon, is so unique that I’m sure he’d pair well with vast, otherworldly production from Kanye West or Travis Scott. It seems that he has found the sort of blueprint for a hit single: a booming, intense beat, his intoxicating voice and introspective lyrics.

sincerely-abe-coverThis track cements him in my eyes as one of underground hip-hop’s premiere hook-makers. His voice is so unique to hip-hop, pop and RnB that there isn’t anybody who has been able to find the same magic he captures between rapping and singing.

“Control” puts Sincerely, Abe out there, so now, if people don’t know about him, they will now. I think Abe is going to be around for a while which will allow him to grow as an artist and expand his talents and I think that will be an interesting journey to see. Sincerely, Abe’s voice is perfect for hooks, and I’m sure hip-hop’s elite will soon start tapping him for bigger better hooks that will give him range.

We can agree to disagree on exactly how big his hook potency is, but another aspect that has aided him is the beats he works over. As a guy so reliant on strong hooks, those beats have to be big and bold and the ones he uses on his potential hits deliver.

Every year we watch acts like Sincerely, Abe rise from nowhere to captivate the world with their infectious music. His narrative proves why hip-hop is one of the most exciting and unpredictable genres in music. Where he goes from here is still unclear, but it’s safe to say this track will be remembered for quality and content.

In the meantime, he’s succeeded in creating some very catchy singles which you can browse on his Soundcloud. “Control” is the balance of all the best things that make his crossover Hip hop / RnB tracks special.


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