Shroombab feat. Kitsune: “We Killed Privacy Remix LP” – both a message and a beat!

Shroombab, DJ, producer and founder of High Tension Recordings, was born in Upper Austria and moved to Vienna in 1997 – where she started to change her instruments from flute and guitar to turntables and sequencers. She’s had gigs in over all over the world and several record releases on quality labels followed. Shroombab has now released the “We Killed Privacy Remix LP”, containing the original version of the song, featuring the voice of Kitsune, plus seven remixes.

shroombab-350“We Killed Privacy” is all about the end of privacy caused through our behavior within the internet and the usage of technical gadgets like smartphones that we carry around all the time, says Shroombab, who has also launched a website called to collect remixes of the song.

Lately, not much in the world of Drum & Bass stands out to me. Finally, “We Killed Privacy Remix LP” from Shroombab has pushed the plateau up to an incredible new peak. This is the next level. This EP isn’t just the best DnB album I’ve ever heard in a while; it’s one of the top electronic recordings in general.

Believe the hype on this, because it literally does break down genres for an absolute head rush of sound. The tracks are so damn good that the35 minute long set flies by leaving you dazed and stunned wondering what the hell just happened to your ears.

Prepare yourself for a journey. This “We Killed Privacy Remix LP” takes you high, low, underground and soaring through the clouds. At every turn, there is a new an intriguing soundscape to propel you into a Drum n Bass nirvana, as well as dubstep, ambient and techno styles. Shroombab brings something new to the table that all predecessors lacked, absolute intensity at every turn.

The sonics of this EP are tremendous, if you have a solid hi-fi system you are in for a treat. Shroombab is amazing at her electronic arrangements. What’s especially powerful about this EP are the variations in tone and tempo due to the different remix stylings.

Of course, a quick run through the lyrics shows that Shroombab doesn’t take things at face value, but searches for the deeper meaning, establishing both a statement and a warning:

Google knows what you’re looking for.
Facebook knows what you like.
Twitter knows what you read.
Your Smartphone knows where you are.
Bad enough, isn’t it?

But it comes worse.
Instagram knows what you eat/look like.
Amazon knows what you buy.
Supermarkets know if you are pregnant.
Your bank knows when you are broke.
Good life, isn’t it?

shroombab-680Shroombab has obviously spent the last few years perfecting her sound and with this release has manufactured a splendid and remarkable track which has a cutting edge but a definite mainstream appeal. Every remix on this EP is different and makes this record very unique, as is the entire project, which just penetrates you to the bone.

The music can set you off in a dreamy bliss or make you bob your head to its catchy synth riffs and booming drumlines. “We Killed Privacy Remix LP” transcends genres creating a vibe that’s both primal and futuristic.


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