Shad W – “Released” goes ahead of the game and brings in diverse sonic elements

Jamal Walker is from a city called Valdosta, Ga and he goes by the producer name of ShadDidUMakeThis, as well as the artist name of Shad W.  The 21 year old producer has been creating music for about 5 years. Shad W also sings and writes songs, creating for anybody who recognizes and appreciates his work. Now out, through Boutique Musick, is his 7-track EP, entitled “Released”. The EP also features Mirad Musick and JMAYZ.

The EP cover artwork
The EP cover artwork

This EP is very intense, original, and well produced. Unfortunately it will go right over people’s heads. After listening to “Released”, I think people who truly appreciate music will enjoy it. The EP has no one sound to it. Instead ShadDidUMakeThis goes ahead of the game and brings in diverse sonic elements. While his genius has been proven in the past, with a host of tracks produced for other artists, this collection best showcases his versatility and own artistic armor.

If Shad W’s mission was to blow up the boundaries and tear down the limits. He certainly has taken his music outside of the box. He is at a place where it is all about the music, not about the labels on the music.  Shad takes pride in his success at staying ahead of the curve with his originality and experimentation. Confident and charismatic, his goal seems to be blowing the listener’s mind and making them groove to the beat, and on tracks like “Never Again (Prod. Mirad Musick), “No Stopping Me (ft. Mirad Musick)”, “Next To Blow” and “Go Get It (ft. JMAYZ)” , he turns that spark to a flame.

Shad W.
Shad W.

ShadDidUMakeThis is lauded by almost everyone as a talented producer. If you want a club beat laden or head nodding single then seek out ShadDidUMakeThis and consider your dreams answered. This is made apparent by the recent rise of upcoming rappers who have been making use of ShadDidUMakeThis’ infectious beats. Of course when you pair Shad up with Mirad Musick you have instant hit status. Another collaboration that suits Shad very well is that with JMAYZ.

So here on “Release” finally Shad steps behind the microphone in order to explore his own vocal talents and let the world see what would happen if he was allowed to make the music he wanted to make. Thankfully he’s a genuine artist and didn’t just put out another EP that could easily be mistaken for the countless other no-talent releases year round. In fact with “Released”, Shad W delves into different urban styles and does so with expert singing, rapping and producing, delivering a unique and memorable R&B and Hiphop experience.


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