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SemTex: “Versatile” – Good Dubstep Like This Can Be Hard to Find!

SemTex, has been producing music for just over 2 years. Brought up in Worcester, SemTex followed the live band scene, listening to crunching guitars and fast punk beats. He then settled down to broaden his tastes into electronic music, Homing in mostly on Dubstep, but in general enjoying the sound of anything with deep bass and high leads.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Zomboy, KOAN Sound and Flux Pavillion he has begun the quest to make his own signature electronic sound. After the successful release of his first EP “Into Existence” in 2013 he has now completed “Versatile”, an Ep SemTex claims, contains some of his best work.

With a growing internet presence and support from BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio he’s sure to be a leading contender in the electronic scene over the coming years.

After listening to both “Into Existence” and “Versatile”, I would there is some major growth as an artist. Don’t get me wrong “Into Existence” was an album with tremendous depth; however, I think “Versatile” is a lot more dynamic while definitely maintaining the depth of the previous album.

Dubstep has acquired a stereotype of repetition and lack of creativity. This assumption probably comes from the fact that most Dubstep is strong on effects and extremely weak on melody, a component that renders any song memorable or immediately diverse from any other tune.

SemTex’s songs on “Versatile” contain a string of melodically inclined riffs, which instantly sets him apart from the Dubstep masses. Each song also has very catchy grooves that will surely withstand the test of time (a real challenge in the electronic music genre) and the sound stays upbeat for the most part throughout out the entire Ep.

From “Northern Lights” and “Crystal Blue” to “Versatile” and “Space Invader”, every track has a new idea that pulls you in with tight sounds and rhythms, and leaves you wanting more. Good Dubstep like this can be hard to find, and is often overdone. SemTex has found the perfect balance, with songs featuring futuristic fun sounding tracks, to more complex beats that you can really get into.

“Versatile” is a unique, awe-inspiring, trippy, mind blowing journey into the infinite possibilities of electronic music. Over the past years I have accumulated literally thousands of electronic music tracks, including genres spanning Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, House, Electro, Hardcore, Trance, Ambient, Dubstep, Jungle and Minimal, etc…and this Ep still stands out!

The sequencing and sound design by SemTex on this Ep is perfect and every synth tone shakes you to the core. “Versatile” is very well done and will put you on a ride from start to finish!


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