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SemTex & Third Eye: “Factions” Out On SECOND CITY RECORDS – UK

“Factions”, is a realization of a grand vision!

Taking inspiration from artists such as Zomboy, KOAN Sound and Flux Pavillion he has begun the quest to make his own signature electronic sound. After the successful release of his first EP “Into Existence” in 2013 he has now completed “Versatile”, an Ep SemTex claims, contains some of his best work.

With a growing internet presence and support from BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio, SemTex is sure to be a leading contender in the electronic scene over the coming years. Taking inspiration from artists such as Zomboy, KOAN Sound and Flux Pavillion he is well on his way to marking his own signature sound. After the successful release of his first EP “Into Existence” in 2013, then then the release of the EP “Versatile”, earlier this this year, now SemTex comes back at us with his latest, brand new, 8-track album, “Factions” where he is joined by, none other than Third Eye, Trance producer and DJ from Worcester in the UK. Together the two deliver “a journey through breaks, chill, ambient and trance.”

It would be easy to write chapters about how emotionally-involving this album is, or how masterful the production is, or perhaps how each song comes across as individual colors, or finely-capture frames of a much bigger picture. But, as much as I would love to wax poetic about each individual track, I feel that doing so would be a disservice. An album of such astonishing depth deserves to be experienced with as clean of a state of mind as possible -at least upon the first listen anyway.

The question is would you rather have a piece of music explained to you, or would you rather listen at it and allow your own emotions to take hold of that interpretation? The latter is more labor-intensive, but the end result is a much more personal and emotionally-satisfying experience.

What SemTex and Third Eye have achieved with “Factions”, is not only another step-forward for electronic music as a whole, but a work of intense emotional range, depth, and personality, which sets them three steps ahead of their previous releases.

“Factions”, is a realization of a grand vision; its epic, it’s touching. It’s dreamily passionate and rapturous all-at-once. It needs to be listened to, in its entirety, on a high-end sound system, or a set of ultra-bass earphones. And that is just some of the beautiful things about SemTex and Third Eye’s music: from standouts “Mysteries Of Zen”, “Expanded Perception” and “The Binary Code” to  “Elevated Consciousness” and “Escape Reality”, it runs the gamut from lushly atmospheric, to melodic mental massages, then onto charges for cheerfulness, straight to revelry in introspection.

“Factions” is very expressive, and not a surprise, considering that SemTex and Third Eye puts out high quality work with feeling, on each new release. I recommend you give this one a listen!



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