Sasha’s Bloc: “Runaway Blues” featuring Take6 – another timeless piece of musical art!

Jazz collective Sasha’s Bloc who earned rave reviews of their CD ‘Heart On Fire’ and recent LA concerts is a band conceived by bassist Alex Gershman and featuring guest vocalists Jane Monheit and Alvin Chea, evoking the Big Band Jazz Sound of the 1920s-40s. Sasha’s Bloc are now releasing their latest track, entitled “Runaway Blues” featuring Take6, the A cappella, Jazz and  Gospel group, who consist of Joey Kibble, Mark Kibble, Alvin Chea, Claude McKnight, David Thomas and Khristian Dentley.

These guys are the masters and “Runaway Blues” proves it. They really know how to put a song together and deliver the goods. . The writing and the producing of the song is what really stands out. It is a new take on an old and perfected sound. Plus the vocals and instrumental parts are better than perfect.

Sasha's Bloc bandleader Alexander Gershman
Sasha’s Bloc bandleader Alexander Gershman

I have heard many types and styles of this retro Rhythm and Blues music being performed in recent years, but Sasha’s Bloc and Take6 stand out in my mind because of their authentic originality and ability to take your mind into their words and music – at once soaring, at once soothing – this is not retro, this is the here and now. The real deal!

Sasha’s Bloc has never failed at making wonderful music, and this song lives up to all their others with great lyrics and harmonies. If you like your music smooth, soulful, and sincere, this collective is for you.

Flawless vocal harmonies, a beautiful arrangement, a rich and stirring lead vocal, plus elegantly performed music in true Sasha’s Bloc style, make this the perfect song to relax by at the end of the day. If it’s a deep and mellow mood you’re looking for, you’ve found it with “Runaway Blues”.

Sasha’s Bloc and Take6 represent rarified air in a musical scene stifled and choking on its over-produced garbage where existence has surpassed substance. Just being doesn’t mean you are.

Songs like “Runaway Blues” will make your heart throb, stop, and then race out of control, not because you watched the visuals, but because you experiment the euphoric bliss of an auditory high supplied by a timeless piece of musical art.


Band leader, Alexander Gershman, talks about the band’s sophomore album.

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