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Sarantos: The 7th Single and Video Release – “Why”

Sarantos releases yet another song from his first album. As promised by Sarantos, a new song will be released the first Tuesday of every month to tease his fans, then a new music video on the second Tuesday of every month, a new ‘funny video of the month’ on the third Tuesday of every month, and a new Whiteboard video on the fourth Tuesday of every month. This will go on, leading up to the full CD, which will be released on November 18th, 2014.

“Why” is now the seventh release, with promising artist quickly responding to his fans’ request by releasing the music video to this rap hip hop song.

Going through life’s hardships has given me the willpower to write songs and to sing from the heart,” says Sarantos.I wouldn’t have had the passion or energy to strive for my dreams if it wasn’t for my loving family and friends. I know my father would have been very proud of me!”

Sarantos describes the song as, “a hip and powerful rap song that answers the basic questions on every woman’s mind about their relationship. Why does he love me? Why does he put up with me? Why does he stay here? Does he care for me? Does he really love me? The answer is lengthy and before he met you, he couldn’t tell anyone why but now he can. He tells her exactly why!”

I had high expectations for this single because I have been listening to and reviewing Sarantos’ music for over several months and perfectly grasp his musical integrity. At the same time though I was skeptical, as I personally felt that Sarantos’ melodically structured compositions wouldn’t necessarily lend itself well to the rhythmically based, sometimes atonal hip-hop genre.

Sarantos has the classic ‘singer-songwriter voice’, so his rap is unique in that it doesn’t trade in swagger and flow, but rather in poetic meter. Neither does Sarantos shovel out street attitude, but instead conveys emotional mood. So let’s say on a scale going from Shakespeare to Snoopy Dogg, Sarantos is closer to the former in lyrical expression. Thus bending the hip-hop genre just enough to suit his needs.

However, to be true, I was expecting the single to be lyrically enhanced based on Sarantos’ previous works, so I was more preoccupied about whether the music would impress.  Well the instrumentation is Sarantos at his best. The beat and rhythm is on point. In fact, if this single was an instrumental I would have insisted on giving it five stars anyway.

Sarantos shows his continued growth by taking various artistic risks and making them work nicely. He shows how diverse he can be and this single, “Why” is a very good example. I am actually proud of Sarantos for branching out and doing his own thing here, without paying too much attention to the genre parameters set by the hip-hop tastemakers.

Sarantos has a strong motivation behind his musical passion, and that is to raise money for charity. One-third of any music-related sales profits are going straight to charity. For “Why,” Sarantos has chosen the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation. His love for helping others to improve has always been his motivation, and now, his music can reflect that.

More about Sarantos:

Sarantos, who has written over 2000 songs in his career thus far, has undergone several personal challenges with his father passing away two years ago after a long hard-fought battle with lung cancer, dealing with personal health issues like asthma and allergies which affected his singing style and just going through life’s ups and downs. That’s why Sarantos’main motivation to make music is to raise money to help health organizations. In fact 33% of any music related sales are going straight to charity!

The 11 charities chosen for each song include American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, St Jude’s, Hellenic Academy, ASERF, American Red Cross, Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago Medical School, Thanioton Society & the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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