Saints Down – “Broken Love” is another jewel in the crown for the Canadian band

Even though Saints Down do a great job creating hard-hitting pop and rock, it’s terrific to see how they can spin multiple styles across their performances of both originals and covers. Their latest single, the power ballad “Broken Love”, which looks at how the affliction of depression can put a burdening strain on a relationship, offers a subtle shift in musical tone compared to the band’s explosive debut single, “Emotional High”, but cuts just as deep, leaving a lasting impression. The song takes on a softer more introspective flavor, with the guitar work providing gentle picking and flourishing melodies that present a mesmerizing flow under the superbly executed lead vocals.

Saints Down is a Canadian rock band from Southern Ontario. The band’s core lineup consists of Benjamin Doncom, Rob Palombo and Walter Riggi, who are complimented by a number of other musician friends. The band’s name is a tribute to friends who have recently passed away.

Saints Down offers great musical quality; it also helps that each of their tracks has plenty of distinction in sound, giving listeners so much more to enjoy. Electric rhythms intertwine with soaring vocals and glowing acoustic melodies, for a blend of music that is sure to impress.

“Broken Love” is an affecting story of a strained relationship. She is going through personal issues and depression. He is attempting to help, but struggling to understand and resolve the issues at hand.

There are few better voices than that of Benjamin Doncom, to bring this emotional tale to life. Benjamin is a powerhouse vocalist with an uncanny range. I doubt there is any song already written that he cannot sing, regardless of style or genre. He could sing the phonebook, and still blow your mind.

Behind Benjamin’s bittersweet but beautiful vocal tones, Rob Palombo and Walter Riggi, bring the heat with a sweeping organic arrangement. Acoustic guitars and drums mix with rumbling basslines and full-flowing strings, in a warm palette of sound that steadily embrace, and then engulf your senses.

“Tell me what’s on your mind. I know life’s pulling you down. I know you’re looking for a sign, and you haven’t found one around. Look into your heart let me see the things that you want me to. Look into your heart tell me anything you want to,” are the opening lines, which instantly pull you in.

What comes next is the explosion of Benjamin Doncom’s higher register, which hits straight to the gut: “You’re broken inside, and I don’t know how to make everything right. What we had is gone. It’s torn apart but there’s still life. You’re the one I’m thinking of. I know you think we’re broken love. What’s become of everything you loved. You can never get enough. I don’t believe we’re broken love.”

This is high quality songwriting in the band’s own vision and skills. It is not watered down, it is not replicating what came before, it doesn’t sound just like anything or anyone else around right now, it is original fire, and it is awesome. There is no doubt in my mind that Saints Down are on their way to creating a catalog of powerful, relevant, and long-lasting pop and rock music. “Broken Love” is another jewel in the crown for the Canadian band.


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