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Rome Alexander: “Bring Me Back” Shows a Deep Sensibility and Great Sense of Style

Vocalist and songwriter Rome Alexander, has displayed his creative versatility by writing and producing across a broad range of genres including Pop, R&B, and Jazz. This 21 year old Pittsburgh native recently released his single titled “Burn,” which is a soulful cover of Ellie Goulding’s hit song.

Alexander’s one of a kind music style is very well received and one week after the release of his two singles “Crush” and “This Thing We Had,” both received enthusiastic reviews from fans and have been on the Amazon Best Seller and Hot New Release charts for a period of time.   “Burn” and “Crush” also reached the iTunes Top 100 chart for New R&B releases, with “Crush” peaking at #10.

These new songs follow his critically acclaimed debut album “Built in a Day,” which was released in June of 2012.  With the exception of “Roll With Me” and “Burn,” Alexander writes all his own material. He has also collaborated with award winning producer C.D. Hawkins, while the vocal arrangement for “Roll With Me” was done under the guidance of industry giant Ron Grant, of the Village Underground, and former head of A&R for Sony.

On the 30th of September Rome Alexander, will be releasing his highly anticipated single “Bring Me Back”. The single will be available for pre-order from September 16th.

“Bring Me Back” is what R&B should be. Its production is creative, the lyrics tell a good story, and Alexander has a good soulful voice. He also brushes away all previous notions of what it means to be an RnB dude in the 21st century. That is, one who pops no bottles, stacks no paper, and sees women in more than one dimension. Alexander attempts to be way deeper than that, making thoughtful, finely crafted music that moves us inside and out. And it just plain sounds good!

So much truth and thoughtful lyrics put together with the kind of tact that only a seasoned writer could manage. Nicely blended in-between the vocal arrangements, is some typically uplifting ‘Michael-Jackson-styled’ choral interludes, which renders the song smooth, tender and almost angelical in its approach.

This is music played warmly and sincerely, “Bring Me Back” shows a deeper sensibility and great sense of style. Without a doubt Rome Alexander is definitely someone to keep checking out in the future.

In the meantime pre-order and grab this single!


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