Push Against New Fakes: “[im]mor[t]ality” – a pulsing heart and production sleekness!

Create during 2012, Push Against New Fakes is the electronic project of Michele Panf Mantovani. This is the same year in which PANF released its debut album. In 2014 the follow album, “Any Color You Can’t See” was released by Phonocake, a German netlabel. PANF has had its works released through various labels in countries such as Italy, Australia, Japan and Belgium. 2016 sees the releases of Push Against New Fakes’ third studio recording, entitled “[im]mor[t]ality” which is released via two record labels – Phonocake in Germany and Stato Electtrico in Italy.

 What separates and differentiates Push Against New Fakes from his contemporaries is the ability to structure his Downtempo ambient-dance numbers in a way that is relatable and immediate, keeping his actual chord progressions astoundingly simple but embellishing each production with enough atmosphere and tiny details that each track feels like a personal epic, a custom-designed soundtrack scoring you

For an artist who has cornered his own space in the post-spectrum, “[im]mor[t]ality” pushes PANF’s sound forward in a way that few could have anticipated: it’s more aggressive and yet more pop-friendly at the same time, showing off new angles of his sonics while clearly retaining that relatable open-air accessibility that has enraptured previous fans.

Michele Panf Mantovani
Michele Panf Mantovani

As the slowly-warming tones of the album’s opener “Stars” wrap the listener in a sense of immediate familiarity, a fast-paced drum beat soon enters, and it’s clear that for all the goodwill Mantovani has developed since his debut album dropped, he’s starting to set his sights beyond the restraints of his genre.

He recognizes that even in the indie-instrumental electronica circuit, there are still valleys that haven’t been explored, and he’s more than willing to spend some of his time to arrive at those new destinations.

After all, once “Where Souls Collided” kicks on, with its synth opening lick, it’s clear that what PANF is going for with “[im]mor[t]ality” is something that is beyond the simple EDM ticket: there’s a little bit more propulsion to the proceedings, his basslines firing more deeply and his warm synths are now dipped in a cool bath.

The pulsing heart that drives Push Against New Fakes’ music is shared with production sleekness, as he achieves that deep emotional resonance that his songs are capable of conjuring, even in the midst of new challenges.

The confidence with which PANF attacks his new compositions shows plenty of room for great textural expansion, turning up the beats but still remaining relaxing and relatable in new and exciting ways, as can be heard on standouts “Circles”, “Morning Drugs” and “Black Lovers”.

It’s very hard to find a good ambient, downtempo album that you can sit back and unwind, and then even dance to. The best part of the 10 track “[im]mor[t]ality” is that it transitions flawlessly. It’s hard to hear a stop of songs and is one of those albums you need to play straight through without a shuffle. A song to definitely check out is “Go” as it has the most hypnotic dynamic rhythms, tones, and melodies.


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