Prada Gino drops “Beautiful” single featuring Chris Brown

Prada Gino, who has been ghost writing for many years under Warner Chapel, originally hails from Chicago and has established a great following in California by doing shows in Hollywood, San Diego, Anaheim, and Downtown L.A. opening up for top West Coast acts such as Kurupt and Crooked I.

Recently Prada Gino, who has been writing music for the last 9 years, has linked up with 3 other artists – Fiasco, Jus’ Breeze and Tonio Blu – to form the group “CorkBoyz”. The group plan on dropping their album, “Bottle Service”, by the end of summer (2015).

prada-gino-400In the meantime, while superstar Chris Brown was apparently dropping Instagram comments like, “continue to be a lady beautiful…U are perfect,” on seeing a bikini pic of his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Prada Gino was busy releasing his latest single, “Beautiful”, and guess what, irony of the story – “Beautiful” features none other than the inimitable Chris Brown!

The song is about women accepting themselves the way they are and not letting society’s definition of what being “Beautiful” is, define them. Odd as it may sound, the lesser known Prada Gino actually redeems some dignity into Chris Brown’s recent outings; in particular Chris’ collaboration with Tyga.

Tyga and Chris Brown recently discussed and introduced us to what the general R&B and Hip Hop culture is all about today – mother*ckers and women who have ‘great’ assets and supposedly nice p*ssies. If that vulgarity wasn’t enough, they also reminded us that they have money, cars, mansions, b*tches and Marijuana. The ego centric nature of their album collaboration was incredibly aggressive and quite unpleasant.

Now if you’re looking for something motivational, uplifting and positive to come up from listening to songs, then you will be quite satisfied with Chris and Prada Gino on “Beautiful”, instead.

Apart from the tight beat and production, the sweet hook and solid flow, the lyrics are not derogative at all. Prada Gino shows us he is able to make music with meaning that is easy to relate to, without getting complicated and cryptic. Pure bliss!

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