The latest from the Dutch artist is a cathartic meditation on coping with loss.

Patrick van Zandwijk, better known as Sandwick, makes captivating music that speaks directly to the heart.  His ambitious post rock values emotional expression above all else.  With his latest record, ‘Reconstruct,’ he uses his instrumental prowess to express the pain of loss and guide himself into new beginnings.

On the album’s first single, the warm and welcoming ‘Green-To-Blue,’ Sandwick sings of stumbling down the sidewalk looking for missing pieces of his life.  “Things were so much easier when I had someone by my side,” he sings, his voice full of regret and longing.  These plainly stated, open hearted words set the tone for much of what is to come.

On album highlight ‘No Looking Back,’ Sandwick is joined by guest vocalist Aaishady.  Her evocative voice fits perfectly into a swirl of twinkling pianos and propulsive percussion.  Eventually Sandwick steps back into the spotlight with a show stopping guitar solo, taking the track to new heights before easing back into a soothing ending.

Much of what makes ‘Reconstruct’ such an engaging listen is the diversity of moods and sounds the artist employs to paint a full picture of his feelings.  From the minor key searching of opening track ‘Our Last Dance,’ to the almost ironically upbeat ‘Life’s A Circus,’ every track takes on a distinctive life of its own.  ‘Reconstruct’ is an album that will make listeners stop and reflect on their lives and their loved ones, and will provide comfort for many who need it.

‘Reconstruct’ is available everywhere Mar. 13, 2020

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