Pawzilla: “Supervillian” is accompanied by a great beat, strong lyrics and a sense of purpose that is entrancing

Paul Alexander Watler II aka Pawzilla is an upcoming rapper, singer, songwriter and dancer who has just dropped his latest single, “Supervillian” produced by Yonas-K. Coming straight from Fairfax, VA Pawzilla is one of the new artists in Hip Hop right now. I am always appreciative of any Hip Hop artist who takes their craft seriously and makes an effort to make the best music possible. With “Supervillian”, Pawzilla has created a cool concept.


The production of the track, courtesy of Yonas-K is absolutely immaculate. Beautiful strings, a catchy drum pattern and great use of samples. Pawzilla has a knack for creating great melodies which he sings perfectly while there is no doubt about his technical abilities as a rapper, and his flow is the one thing that encapsulates me. Pawzilla is also a great lyricist and he has mastered a swift double-time flow too.

“Supervillian” preaches strength, self-reliance and confidence the one moment and then uncovers doubt and insecurity in the next. You can tell the amount of time, care and skill that went into crafting this song. Pawzilla’s range of emotions and lyrics, power a deep journey into the mind of the man behind the microphone. I wish more rap was like this, as this is an experience that entrances me like a movie would.  The narrative of the track is accompanied by a great beat, strong lyrics and a sense of purpose that is entrancing.

Pawzilla holds his own in a saturated crop of new rappers. Throughout “Supervillian”, the Fairfax artist’s flow is both agile and wordy.  In my opinion Pawzilla is representative of this generation. He’s one of the current voices with something to say. It may be early days yet, as I’ve only managed to hear two tracks by this artist thus far, but intuition tells me that Pawzilla will firmly stand his ground in the game. It’s good to see somebody with talent, when so much music out there now sucks balls. Hopefully Pawzilla does not sell out to the music industry’s B.S. like many of his peers have done in the recent past.


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