Nikkia Queen releases her latest single “Bailalo” – a blend of urban swagger and Latin groove

Nikkia Queen was determined to take her passion for music one step further by releasing her debut single titled “Solo Pienso en Ti” (I only think of you)  in 2020. The track presents an ideal mix of dance rhythms and acoustic guitars, which will make you rise up out of your chair and dance to the groovy beat. This was followed by the excellent EDM track “Tonight Enjoy”, created for dancefloors across the globe.

Now Nikkia Queen takes pleasure in releasing her latest single “Bailalo”, which is a blend of urban swagger and Latin groove. Available on all major streaming platforms, “Bailalo” is about the deep attraction you feel when you meet somebody new.

Telling us about her musical journey, Nikkia explained, “I sang with a trio of boleros, and in one other typical Vallenato music group from Colombia, once I was 18 years old.” The prizewinning songstress then travelled to Spain, where she sang with a trio known as Yomaje. Some years later Nikkia Queen learned music production and started to create her own music.

Three things have influenced, and made an impression on Nikkia throughout her life and music, more than others – her beloved mother, her soul, and her school. Nikkia believes that there ought to be no linguistic or cultural boundaries in music, as she blends both English and Spanish into her songs.

Currently working to release tracks like “The Viking”, and “Dance with All”, she also has reggaeton songs lined up for future release that have been done in collaboration with producers like JDan Music.

Nikkia Queen hopes to take her music-making abilities to the highest level with each passing day. She desires to make music that people can really feel and revel in with all their hearts.

Find her latest single, “Bailalo” available on SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC, as well as all major digital platforms. Connect with Nikkia Queen on her WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM and watch her videos on YOUTUBE

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