Nancy Diaz – “Summer Love” hones in on the listener and focuses their attention on her wares!

If you crave mature Pop-R&B with rhythmic density and deep emotion, look no further than the stunning Toronto-born bombshell Nancy Diaz. The songstress of Chilean and Spanish descent, packs crazy soprano pipes ad a dynamic range that matches her cosmopolitan songwriting material and street-savvy sultriness. Track after track her synth-phonic sound and soulful singing sorties have broadened into catchy earworms and silken soul pop-hop. On her latest single, “Summer Love”, all of Nancy Diaz’s skills rush into cultured chord changes, cleverly orchestrated synths, and tropical rhythms.

Nancy hones in on the listener and focuses their attention on her wares.  The silken, spacy track with its aquatic keyboards, and thud-knocking beat, forms a veil of hip-swaying seduction, through which Nancy injects her heavenly sound.

With the support of Caelum Music Production, LLC, musically and vocally, she’s got the formula down cold. It’s smoldering melodic twists, and chill-produced instrumental flurries, finds the singer relying on her contagious voice and in-house harmonies as a guide to the highest form of soul satisfaction.

The production has one more trick up its sleeve. Just in case you grow too familiar with the silky production, the bubbling synths melding with the harmonies, and the all-round captivating melisma, they pull out a male vocal and a Spanish language interlude.

All of which adds to the romantic sentiments pervading the breezy summer vibes. There is a polished shine to all the elements featured in a song that you’ll put on to get an intimate party banging.

There is something of a sizzle to the lyrics on “Summer Love”, as the Nancy Diaz heads on a journey down to the beach, with easy-on-ear, soulful pop. As the track meanders through its hypnotic groove, it becomes clear that Nancy has grown into a woman who is super confident with her music.

In this work of love-seeking salacious encounters, and pure escapism, Nancy Diaz takes us to a place where we find refreshing sonic, and uplifting emotional fulfillment. Nancy creates a perfect buildup that intricately traces the song’s emotions, while the mesmerizing hook melody is just as captivating as the song topic.

With the natural agility to drift on this smooth angelic jam, Nancy showcases her mellifluous and passionate vocals that we’ve already fallen deeply in love with in the past.

The love and dedication Nancy Diaz’s shows to her craft will no doubt be equally reciprocated by audiences, as she delivers some bright, romantic and sensual moments on “Summer Love”. Nancy’s genuine essence as an artist cannot be ignored. You get the impression that commercial performance doesn’t really come into the equation. She sounds like she is making music that she wants to make.

The groove is laidback, the beat consistent and the vibe stunning, as gorgeous harmonies kick the track into overdrive. When her voice is able to shine free from the distractions of over-production, she’s a true force to be reckoned with.

Appropriately, Caelum Music Production, LLC, understands the intricacies of keeping the arrangement uncluttered, allowing Nancy to soar like a summer goddess across a tropical ocean. Vamos alla playa with Nancy Diaz this summer. You bring the tequila, she’ll bring the lime!



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