N-Roque: “Elvis is Reborn” – will leave you higher than a kite in the best way possible!

N-Roque is a singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist hailing from India, who has quietly established himself as one of the most popular rising stars in the country’s music scene over the past decade. In addition to his prolific career in concert performances, N-Roque is equally recognized for his work in television, film and advertising for world-class brands such as Pepsi, Fila and Vodafone.


Alongside music producer Eric Pillai, N-Roque is working on a string of new songs set for worldwide release during the following months. The first of the batch is the new iconic single “Elvis is Reborn” and it’s brilliant supporting video, which was shot across the streets of Mumbai with real people interacting with Elvis Presley’s cardboard cutout in front of the camera. I’m still trying to figure out which blew me away most – audio or visuals!

“Elvis is Reborn” will leave you higher than a kite in the best way possible. It signals the fact that N-Roque has officially arrived WORLDWIDE! A hard-edged crossover pop-rock, the song is tinged with something unique, both musically and vocally and will leave you playing it over and over and over. Pulsating and ear-wormy with a driven guitar sound, N-Roque pays tribute to Elvis’ memory, in the same tongue-in-cheek way, the legendary ZZ-Top did with “Viva Las Vegas”. No sentimentalism or sugar and spice mimicking to twist the stomach and turn fans away. Something that has happened to many of N-Roque’s so-called peers.

The cover artwork
The cover artwork

No sir, N-Roque grabs the bull by the horns, so to speak, with a song and hook that will drive you insane! You won’t be able to get enough of the beat, the rhythm, tempo and N-Roque’s unparalleled performing charisma, which in the video comes through even louder and clearer. I listened to some of N-Roque’s earlier stuff too, and doubt there is a genre in the world of music that this man can’t uniquely sing and perform with true verve and passion, and “Elvis is Reborn” proves that in spades!

N-Roque and Eric Pillai really and truly knocks it out of the box with this release. Clearly N-Roque has a large baggage of talent and Pillai’s production just took it up another notch to expose him as a brilliant writer and performer.  “Elvis is Reborn” is a fresh, new take on good old fashioned rock n’ roll, that actually makes the old-fashioned rock and roll sound…well, very old-fashioned!


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