M$NEY BA3 – “Florida Water” – everything on this track is top-tier!

M$NEY BA3 (money before anything else) is an upcoming artist, and 25 year old military veteran old from Cleveland Ohio. The urban artist has just drop his latest single “Florida Water”. M$NEY BA3 is an artist in the best sense of the word as he stretches his muscles throughout his catalog of songs. If you’re looking for excitement and the big bang, you will find it in his collection. The artist seems to be aiming at both a hip-hop and progressive R&B audience. His vocals are great and his writing seems well above average when compared with the other acts his genre.

M$NEY BA3 is one of those artists that can take you through time and space. One minute he has you thinking about having a one night stand and then the other minute, makes you want to fall in love. He gets it right on all levels – an emotional level, a spiritual level and a sexual level.

M$NEY BA3’s songs feel intense, with lots of interesting production, and with some very nice melodies. It makes absolutely no difference whether you’re interested in this sort of thing; I mostly listen to alternative, and “Florida Water” is just so irresistible. M$NEY BA3 is himself and it shows through his soulful corduroy vocals.

Individuality is key here, because I get tired of hearing the same molded and cloned artistry, this guy brings a breath of fresh air. Never have I had so much fun listening to an R&B track. M$NEY BA3 is the perfect blend of talent and humor, a true showman. Everything about him is alluring, but most of all, everything on this track is top-tier.

M$NEY BA3’s voice is sharp and elastic, effortlessly crafting melodies from thin air. I couldn’t tell you a moment on this track that doesn’t feel captivating, and it’s because of M$NEY BA3’s understanding of his own voice. M$NEY BA3 is expanding the genre outward, showing a glimpse of growth within itself.

With “Florida Water”, M$NEY BA3 broadens his spectrum to suit a wide spectrum of urban tastes and by doing so creates a diversity that hasn’t been seen in an R&B track for a long time. Much of “Florida Water” sees M$NEY BA3 at his most devilishly charming, as he crafts an image that is so fitting to song that you can’t help but smile, nod your head, and hum along to it.

By being able to effectively construct his style with an open-minded recognition of how his other R&B and Hip-hop companions construct their music, this is M$NEY BA3 at his highest evolutionary state.

Easily appraisable for its soulfully eclectic vibe and skilled songwriting, “Florida Water” expertly fuses together elements of R&B, pop, hip-hop, dancehall, trap and soul, to create a cohesive, idiosyncratic sound.

M$NEY BA3 certainly knows how to utilize his voice to great effect. From the infectious way he holds and twists every phrase during the verse, to his adlib interludes, it’s M$NEY BA3’s vocal contributions that make “Florida Water” such a memorable track.


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