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Mitchel Evan Tells a Vivid Story in “Leeches”

“No bullshit Americana” is how Virginia native Mitchel Evan describes his artistry – in his single “Leeches” this definitely holds true. Evan’s captivating, roots-inspired folk song will serve as a backing track to the autumn season you didn’t know you needed.

In his signature lyrical storytelling style, Evan utilizes strong sensory details and imagery in order to put listeners directly into the intimate moment at the focus of “Leeches.” He sings with conviction his story about inviting a love interest to a secret spot to swim, sprinkling in touches of humor: “The river is calling us, I’ll pick the leeches off.”

His vocals are filled with a warmth and rawness that drive his sentiment home with a passion over the mystifying track, filled with a hypnotic combination of violins and banjos over an enchanting beat. Altogether, Evan creates a scene so colorful you can visualize it as clear as he sings.

With thought-provoking, reflective lyrics and infectious melodies, Evan is known for the charisma and confidence he radiates in his live performances which captivate his audiences. Backed by his band Mitchel Evan and the Saboteurs, Evan is quickly making waves in the Americana genre and beyond – be sure to stream “Leeches” everywhere now, and check out the lyric video below.

“Leeches” Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m86N1bS806w

Stream “Leeches”: https://open.spotify.com/track/3jHKVaVFHoe32raskwGVqk

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