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Mirad Musick: “Where I Be (Prod. Shaddidumakethis?)” – an eclectic urban-edged style

Rapper Mirad Musick is a 21 year old Art Administration student at Georgia State University. Mirad has just released the track “Where I Be (Prod. Shaddidumakethis?)” through the Boutique Musick label.

Mirad Musick
Mirad Musick

Mirad Musick is an extremely unique rapper, who sounds (and even looks!) like a crossover blend between Wyclef Jean and Lil’ Wayne – which translates into an explosive flow. This eclectic urban-edged style is probably most evident on the track “Murder”, and to a certain extent, even “Krave”.

The track “Where I Be”, grabs you and the holds you through to the last bar. Shaddidumakethis? did a pretty good job with the production on this song, but Mirad did an even better job at rapping over the beat! His delivery is probably one of the most unique in all of hip-hop today. It’s almost like the words are spilling out of his mouth.  In rap, there are only a few artists that could completely mesmerize you with the way they say things, as opposed to what they are saying. Meaning, you’re hooked before you even understand what the dude is trying to tell you. This happens with Mirad Musick.

Mirad’s lyrics and delivery are truly authentic and original. He says some sick lines, but it is his delivery techniques that I find most innovative.  Mirad Musick brings a whole new style to the rap game. Actually calling it the rap game is a little restrictive because his style adds in a few other things too. Mirad really makes the beat work with him. He is one of those artists that do not just flow in an uncolored monotone rhythm; he spits his rhymes with feeling.

Running through his catalog, it becomes clear that Mirad Musick has a wide variety of things to talk about in a variety of styles; slow, fast, mellow, raw and rugged. There is no denying the fact that the combination of Mirad Musick and Shaddidumakethis? is among the best in the underground industry. Listen to “Where I Be”!


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