Michael Ray The Artist: “Private Show” sounds like a fleet-footed classic!

Michael Ray The Artist is about to release his debut single, “Private Show”, from his much anticipated album “Candy Store”, which will be released in fall of 2015. Michael’s unique style was developed by way of seeing people struggle within their relationships in his neighborhood. Growing up, he always had a heart for people, and would try and take on their issues.

Michael Ray The Artist
Michael Ray The Artist

Now Michael Ray’s unique style is destined to reach the world by way of radio, social media, and live performances. He is keen to point out that everything he listens to directs his musical development in some way. However, he would certainly include Roberta Flack, Keith Sweat, R Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Lavert, and Usher among his greatest influences.

Simple, good old-fashioned, horse-sensed, musical structure, plus foreplay-oriented lyrics, a sweet, beautiful melody and Michael Ray’s laid-back, smooth vocals are what this cool track is all about. He has delivered a thoughtful and earnest solo effort. “Private Show” covers issues dealing with the bump and grind between the sheets, and is delivered with a forthright and honest voice that is both sexy and full-bodied with maturity. This is particularly evident in the sensuous and silky duet deliveries with Kahmani. B.

On the unabashedly sensual “Private Show”, Michael Ray The Artist creates music so intimate that you almost want to turn you head away from the sound system to give the man some privacy. That’s absolutely true of the track, which graphically illustrates how Michael Ray pleases his lady, while reenacting his own release. You don’t hear that kind of titillating excess every day.

The slow-grooving track paints explicit lyrics across a lazy swell of strings and a shimmering keyboard. It sounds like a fleet-footed classic, its tender chiming chorus, forming a pop hook sharp enough to carve alabaster. All throughout, Michael Ray The Artist’s almost textured voice is spellbinding. “Private Show” is a swoon tune second to none!


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