Mel Sound: “Total Society” reflects the varied moods of EDM groove and euphoria

Mel Sound is a house music producer located near Washington D.C. She has been producing house music for 5 years and is owner of the record label ‘No Bounds Records’ which features new house music from artists all around the world. Her latest track “Total Society” will be available in all stores on Friday March 4th.

The major problem with a lot of EDM these days is the repetitive atmospheres that claim to be original and new. Bah! Do you know how many times I hear the same old same tune in terms of sound? It gets quite annoying at times and very unappealing. Mel Sound, however, is an exception to this rule. She seems to reinvent herself with each new release, blessing her listeners with something fresh and flat-out marvelous.

Producer Mel Sound
Producer Mel Sound

You’ve just got to hand it to Mel Sound. Rarely does she put a foot wrong, and “Total Society” proves that she deserves a place at the high end of the DJ/producer premier league. Upon a first hearing of this track, one is immediately impressed by its seamlessness production, the bright up-tempo arrangement and characteristic elegance, but it isn’t until the second or third hearing that the listener begins to realize that there is more at work here than an attempt to craft a good dance track.

Mel Sound seems to be aiming at something higher here; she is aiming to achieve something that not only makes one move physically, but moves one spiritually also. There are hidden connections between this track’s unseen bonds between vocal adlibs, bouncing synths and rolling pianos that make its influence felt even though it may be imperceptible. The developing movement of the track is based on Mel Sound’s individual aesthetic, a profoundly sensitive one, which takes you on a journey that reflects the varied moods of the groove and euphoria you encounter on the dance floor. The bass, the beat, everything about “Total Society” is impeccable, as it perfectly represents the best of EDM music today. The sounds are all fresh, bubbling and energetic and have a groove that underlies everything, driving your body to move!


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