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Meet the new Gospel group revolutionizing ‘Worship Kulture’ in Africa

The African Gospel scene has been graced by popular names within the genre across the continent. This has been attributed to the ever-growing popularity of gospel music in the continent over the last decade. Benjamin Dube (South Africa) Sinach (Nigeria) Tim Godfrey (Nigeria) Sonie Badu (Ghana) to mention a few, amongst others have all become household names and helped deliver the message of Jesus Christ into the living rooms through great tunes. Blaring in almost every home across the continent. All have proved that great composition never gets stale to the ears.

Worship Kulture is the latest group to join this power list through their self-titled EP that was released on April 17 2020. ‘Farahan’ (Composed by FSC Sanni and Jmon and produced by Orlando) is an upbeat, contemporary Gospel song embracing the philosophy of traditional gospel but mixing it up with cool and edgy Afro-pop beats and rhythms. It is bound to get you tapping your feet and singing along.

“Since the entire world is living in trying times such as we are right now, more voices of intercessors (like never before) are needed to stand in the gap in prayer, worship and intercession. It all depends on the grace that God has given you,” affirms Worship Kulture founder FSC Sanni.

“In our case, we lead worship in honour and praise of the owner of the heavens and the earth. We seek his face over the face of the nations of the earth. This is what the track Yahweh is all about. Farahan is just an affirmation that his promises do come to pass if we seek him,” he adds.

Worship Kulture is a contemporary inspirational outreach initiative, dedicated to publishing gospel music to the world and exploring different sounds through various artists. It is an initiative by FSC Sanni, a producer and record executive, through which it promotes contemporary African gospel music into mainstream media.

The Worship Kulture family comprises of various artists and producers from different countries and cultural backgrounds such as South Africa, Congo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Angola who all worked on the upcoming project titled: ‘Word on Worship’.

The lead singers on ‘Worship Kulture’ are Chris & Emmanuel. They each bring a unique sound to the project, in both composition and production. Chris focuses more on the Afro-pop category while Emmanuel leads the more “traditional” gospel worship category.

https://worshipkulture.com, Twitter: worshipkulture7, Instagram: worshipkulture7


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