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Matthews James Allen: “Don’t Let Go” Explores the Deep Places of Your Heart

Matthew James Allen is a singer-songwriter from an east Texas town called Texarkana. In the early years of his music career, Matt fronted the alternative rock band Mid-Winter and gained a large regional fanbase through his introspective lyrics and intimate vocal delivery. As Mid-Winter dissolved, he carried on his passion for the song and moved to Nashville, TN. With the extraordinary honor of being invited to write with some of the best in the business, Matt solidified himself as a songwriter and reinvented his songwriting style to become a relevant artist in the Nashville inner circle.

Matt moved back to Texas recently to be with his father who had fallen ill. His father passed away shortly after, which motivated him even further. His dad always believed in his music and Matt is determined to make him proud. Matthew James Allen was signed to Artistry Entertainment Group in January of 2014 and his music will be released, a single at a time, every couple of months.

Matthew James Allen’s new single “Don’t Let Go” which is to be officially released on the 17th of June, is the kind of song to curl up and listen to with a glass of robust red wine.This is Matt’s second single on Artistry Entertainment Group and was Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Award Winning Producer, Frank Pryor.

When you’re under Matt’s spell, which happens pretty much the moment you hear his voice, you will be transported out of yourself into a world of sound and color, balanced on the edge of loving and longing. “Don’t Let Go” explores the deep places of your heart, gently, provokingly, and fearlessly.

Matt has an intensely soulful approach to music. He relentlessly demands honesty, and delivers it himself. I was more than pleasantly surprised by this single; it sounds like an intense, genuine, personal journey he takes us on.

The melody, the lyrics, and his soul, seems totally infused into the music, which no doubt will leave you wanting so much more. In fact I had the song on replay countless times and soon was singing along to the chorus. Matthew James Allen is a true talent and I can only hope his work receives the success and great praise he is so deserving of.

I know we’re only halfway there, but “Don’t Let Go” has instantly joined my list of top songs for the year so far!  This is deeply haunting, and emotional music from a great singer-songwriter!

The world needs more artists like Matthew James Allen, if we’re ever hoping to get back to the base of simple and honest integrity in music!

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