Matthew Hipps: “Ride The Waves” from the soon-to-be-released EP – “18 Mile Pier”

An American artist with an England fan-base, Matthew Hipps was given his first snare drum in the early years of his life. His progression towards becoming a musician would later grow, thanks to the music his father exposed him to. While spending a few years of his life in Evanston, Illinois, Matthew was introduced to the vast world of Hip-Hop, only to become a promoter/producer with the small label, Prince of Crime Records, on returning to Texas.

Matthew Hipps
Matthew Hipps

Matthew always had a soft spot for Rock N’ Roll though, but did not succumb to it completely, until the day he was grounded for behavior reasons, and saw the Oasis video “Morning Glory” featured on VH1’s “120 minutes.” Later, Hipps and life-long friend James Thomson spent weekends recording and mixing a cover tape, entitled “Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers.” The five-track cover tape released during April 2014, reached the Top 10 popularity tag for the artist, via “Jango Radio” in major U.S. cities as well as leading areas of the United Kingdom.

Matthew Hipps is currently finishing his latest EP project, to be called “18 Mile Pier” and set for an August release. In the meantime, the artist has dropped the leading single, which is titled, “Ride The Waves” from the soon-to-be-released EP.

It’s not often you stumble across an artist that wins your heart within the first few chords. The unforgettable melody begs you to hit repeat and infuses a whole bunch of emotions to create something gentle and sweet.  It starts off with the acoustic guitar before Hipps’ voice builds the track up before settling down to the acoustics and then building up again. The track is raw and minimal while the melody is infectious, as is the lyrics.

Just chillin'....
Just chillin’….Matthew Hipps and James Thomson

“Ride The Waves” is full of heart, soul, and emotion, without any vocal dramatics or full sweeping orchestration. Hipps sings gently and surely allowing only the warmth and humanity of the track to flow through the headphones.

Accompanied by Jed Lickerman on guitar and backing vocals, Matthew Hipps is thoughtful, poetic, and easily relatable while using conversational tones adapted to common modern situations. “Ride The Waves” becomes like listening to some thoughtful story from a friend.  The song will take you to the days of summertime, sitting on the front porch and drinking a glass of freshly poured lemonade, all the way to a cold, rainy night just sitting and looking out your window…and thinking about wanting to “Ride The Waves”.


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