Malibu – “Crazy Things” brings forth an enrapturing musical density and electrifying nuance!

Malibu is an American pop rock band formed in Melbourne, FL in 2020. Their debut single “Crazy Things” available since 04.16.21, was mixed and mastered by Grammy winning mixer Jeff Sojka. This is a sharp departure from the rap and trap aesthetics infused into current mainstream hits, and totally unexpected, in what results in an utterly unique pop track for 2021. This is a beautifully constructed and executed record from start to finish, with incredible arranging evident in its production and writing. Stellar musical performances are found throughout. The powerful and mellifluous falsetto is a recurring motif that sticks out, as well as the moody guitar licks, and driving synth bass.

“Crazy Things” is a great song to release as a debut single, because its infectious pop sound represents what Malibu is about, in three minutes. Fantastic vocals and brilliant instrumental melodies are evident throughout the entire track. Malibu are so confident in their performance that they seems to have a very clear idea of what sort of sonic package they want to deliver to the world.

Malibu bring forth an enrapturing musical density and electrifying nuance on “Crazy Things” that is surprisingly, both smoothly mellow and highly energizing at the same time. The lyrics, about the crazy things love makes you do, set the track’s tone.  While being of the moment, the track also has a bit of a retro pop vibe, with bass at the forefront for the majority of the time, along with the flare of keys, guitars and drums on the verses and choruses.

The lead vocals on “Crazy Things” is the icing on the cake for this track, as it pushes out high notes that will make listeners’ hearts jump. The vocals create a slightly soothing, yet biting effect as they climb. With insistent rhythmic patterns and a powerful vocal style, this song has all the necessary elements to become a fan favorite. It is a fearless and refreshing evolution from the current mainstream hits.

The track hits the heartstrings right from the beginning and never let’s go with its soulfully sweet melody and strong electric beat. The vocals simply add to that emotional intensity with stunning singing. All of which makes “Crazy Things” sit on the brink of pop perfection. There’s no doubt that Malibu band got it all right with this track, as it unfolds with unabashed honesty.

“Crazy Things” has swiftly become one of my favorite songs right now and it stands testament to the elevation of sound that Malibu have achieved with their brand of modern pop. Overall, this track is a real triumph for Malibu. With its combination of anthemic, upbeat pop catchiness and emotional honesty: “I’m awake, I can’t sleep, without the thought of you. I can’t wait, I can’t breathe, without the thought of you. Love makes you do crazy things.”

“Crazy Things” is a captivating song that immediately draws you in, and wakes you up, both on the inside and out. It is sung with such aching sincerity that it feels fresh. It’s stand-out track, vocally and sonically. Now all you have to do is listen.

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