Luxuryincc – “Bleed Thru” shows real potential of carving out a successful lane for himself!

Luxuryincc is an artist and songwriter who has released a number of singles, including the dark and soulful “Bleed Thru”. The emcee uses a plethora of worldly influences to shape his raps. His is a universe populated by references both profound and easily relatable material. His catalog is unrelenting, but breathes with the epiphany of self-discovery and varied sounds. Luxuryincc has an extremely diverse set of artistic skills, and he’s as sharp a rhymer and writer as any. Look no further than this irresistible single to note those attributes.

Luxuryincc isn’t short on charm, but there’s a universality to his music that makes him a perfect potential star for the modern era. He certainly has the charisma to break into the bigger leagues, which makes him worthy of inclusion on many a playlist. His lyrics frequently rip attention away from the beat, as takes listeners through vivid narratives and atmospheric moods.

Luxuryincc has found comfort in his lane, and despite the exploding scene around him, he isn’t worried about conforming to the rest of his rap class. He is out there doing his own thing, and it renders a captivating listening experience. It is fair to say that he is ably assisted by the melodic hook, stunningly sung by his soulful female feature. She adds a luxurious layer of feel to the track.

Once Luxuryincc slides onto the track with his verses, which at once ring honest and addictive, his talents come powerfully to the fore. Luxuryincc lays out an emotional mantra filled with searching, longing, desire, gratitude and grace. The rapper’s deep-voiced, intoxicating delivery defies regional sounds, making him an all-embracing artist whose music can travel well beyond his hometown.

Luxuryincc combines warm keyboard-driven production and unapologetically sincere bars delivered with nuanced and smooth flows. His unique voice makes him a standout in a crowded scene. The way “Bleed Thru” moves between slow burning, emotionally-fueled bars, to heartfelt melodic lines, signals maturity and mastery of Luxuryincc’s artistry.

Luxuryincc is a rapper with potential mainstream appeal, offering technical flourishes for the rap heads and sticky choruses for radio-friendly listeners. He’s presence is charismatic and ominous, while his tone of voice is resonant and animated, which separates him from other peers in his lane. And although Luxuryincc’s musical output on streaming services seems limited to 2020, meaning his a new artist, we love what we’ve heard so far.

Luxuryincc shows real potential of carving out a successful lane for himself. Standing out in rap and hip-hop these past few years has been a difficult task for most, as the scene is impossibly rich, but those with enough talent and opportunity will rise to the top. Luxuryincc already possesses one of those ingredients, and he is patiently expecting the other.

You can follow Instagram @Luxuryinccc and listen to his music on streaming platforms @Luxuryinc (notice the use of only one ‘c’ on these)

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