Lorenzo Bazzoni – “Warhammer XXI” – sprawling orchestral-driven progressive rock!

“Warhammer XXI” by the self-taught Italian composer and producer, Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni, contains six minutes of sprawling orchestral-driven progressive rock. During the softer moments, the composer creates a gorgeous soundscape, drawing on space rock, psychedelia, and goth rock. However, when he hits the crescendos, the rage is absolutely overwhelming. With the ability to go from pensive melodies to earth-shattering outbursts of keys, drums and cymbals, this is another track that ends up sounding more like a journey, guiding the listener through a number of varied emotions.

The key difference between Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni and other bands of a similar genre, is his decision to forego extenuating, overdrawn build-ups to his crescendos. The sonic explosions just hit, and when they do, chances are they’ll blow you out of your seat. Now, in my opinion there are few rock bands in this genre with a more acute and focused sense of changing dynamics than Lorenzo Bazzoni. This strength is evident in every song in his catalog.

“Warhammer XXI” is another prime example of this Bazzoni’s ability to work beautifully with extreme poles of musical dynamics. Instrumental artists and bands have to be a special breed, one that can engage listeners and hold their attention with other things, and in other places that the vocals of most bands would have covered. There are artists that do this well. Lorenzo Bazzoni is certainly one of them.

Tempo swings and mood changes at a moment’s notice are the centerpiece of Bazzoni’s music and is the reason why it’s so dynamic. While listening, you can’t help but be transported to a place all on its own. Every chord progression and drum fill hits you separately while at the same time creating a wall of sound. It helps the arrangement that Bazzoni is an experienced drummer, too. “Warhammer XXI” is even more aggressive than Lorenzo Bazzoni’s previous work, with motifs that repeat until they knock you out.

The song “Warhammer XXI” was specifically created for the Reverend Matty F stream show on Twitch.

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