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Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni – “Kaleidoscope” – a colorful and emotional vortex of sonic flamboyance!

What makes Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni so appealing and unique is the way he has transformed conventional classical music and instruments, and put his personal spin on it, while creating his own form of symphonic rock. As well as having no vocals, all of your attention and focus is on the instruments and songwriting skill within his repertoire and it makes for a terrific listen, especially if you like complexly layered arrangements with plenty of dynamic and bombastic gusto.

The new single “Kaleidoscope”, once again sums up the aforementioned sonic elements and qualities, offered by the self-taught Italian composer makes Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni aka Lorenzo Bazzoni. The composer really pushed himself on this song. True to the epic rock and symphonic style, this musical piece is a rollercoaster of emotions, lulling listeners in and then blasting them away.

So how does an artist like Lorenzo Bazzoni remain so captivating, exciting and relevant within the epic, symphonic, orchestral and art-rock underground scene? Well, quite simply, fans of those stylistics appreciate intricate, thought-provoking and stirring pieces of sonic art, and Bazzoni is the embodiment of this ethos. He has boosted and powered-up the classical instrumentation on “Kaleidoscope”  turning it into a soundscape that reeks of supersonic baroque art-rock.

On “Kaleidoscope”, Lorenzo Bazzoni meanders through quieter brooding segments, which are blended into frantic and intense rhythmic patterns meant to grasp and hold your attention. To an untrained ear, this track may at first seem difficult to get into. It sounds like too much is going on at the same time even though there are no vocals. But it takes a few spins to fully enjoy this stunning piece.

Obviously different from mainstream music, featuring no vocals; “Kaleidoscope” is a remarkable experiment in improvisation used by Lorenzo Bazzoni.  With its complex and layered song structures, the track presents a different step into the career of Bazzoni. Though the track is more rooted in classical instrumentation, it is at the same time, more experimental and progressive in its arrangement.  That combination makes for a soundscape that feels both very familiar, yet excitingly fresh.

“Kaleidoscope” is an intriguing journey through a phenomenal soundscape that often surprises you and causes chills. From the very start of the song, you feel an intense atmosphere pulling you into a colorful and emotional vortex of sonic flamboyance. The musical piece progresses steadfastly, with twists and turns almost during its whole playtime, keeping you captivated until the very end.

Instrumental music is always a little bit harder to digest and often can be challenging for listeners to get into without any lyrics, but the shelf life of songs like “Kaleidoscope” are incredibly longer, and are so much more interesting to dissect, assimilate and thoroughly enjoy in the long run.

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