King Midas: “Let’s Get It” – designed to dazzle with acrobatic wordplay

The first track, “Let’s Get It”, Produced by T w o c o l D, off the upcoming King Midas project, entitled “Midas Touch”, is futuristic and inventive hip-hop that can easily beat mainstream works around the place, and then ask for more. Not only are the lyrics as good as the very best but the music is minimal and dark, sublime bass-driven stuff, making the hairs prick up on your arms and neck.

If you’re tired of the hip-POP that they play on most radio stations, or if you’re tired of music with no meaning at all, listen to “Let’s Get It”. What you will find is an extremely lyrically gifted artist, laying down verse after verse of colorful rhymes. It may take you a while to absorb it all, but hey…it has substance. The music in the background may take a while to absorb as well. If you “feel” music, then this is something that you will like.

king-midas-lgi-350King Midas isn’t speaking gibberish either, folks; he’s spitting some personal knowledge, it’s just that he’s spitting it in a highly esoteric manner. Not everyone’s going to get the message, and I can guarantee no one will upon first listen; however, give it a few more listens, and pay attention to what King Midas has to say, and his intentions become clear. Moreover “Let’s Get It” really set new standards for hip-hop in the new era – how often have you heard a rap track recently, without one single vocal hook or some female sung lines to endear your ear?

Instead King Midas relies on the spoken word rather than hooks. His lyrics are designed to dazzle with acrobatic wordplay and a barrage of pop culture references, and he delivers it all in a dizzying fashion…without once raising his vocal tone or pace!

King Midas is an uncompromising artist. Though he has received plenty of media and fan attention, it doesn’t surprise me that he hasn’t garnered massive awareness in the casual hip-hop community. He has never made any serious attempt to market himself to a mainstream audience, preferring to offer a different aspect to the art we call hip-hop. That’s not a compliment or a fault, just a fact.

Watch out for King Midas in his performance with Kirko Bangz, set for Sunday, March 6.

ABOUT: King Midas Is An Artist Originating Out Of Buffalo, NY. King Is The Founder Of Creative Enterprises LLC, And Has Made Many Contributions To The Buffalo HipHop Scene. Midas Has Dropped 2 Projects, King, And King 2.0, With Midas Touch Due Out 2/7/16.


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