Kiki Sire: “Rutina” retains all heat and spice of Salsa

Kiki Sire is a Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Composer and graduate of the Matanzas School of Musica in Cuba where he studied alongside many great Cuban musicians by day and performing salsa music in the festivals and clubs of Havana, Varadero and Mantanzas by night. Kiki who has performed with many great musicians, has made regular appearances on TV and Radio and won many awards and talent contests for his singing. “Rutina” is a salsa album composed, performed and produced by Kiki Sire containing 8 original compositions.

Kiki Sire is undoubtedly well versed in the art of musical conversation, as he is rarely without a topic of exploration in his new album “Rutina”. And like most salsa singers his music is synonymous with passion, feeling, catchy sound, smart lyrics and commitment to the musical genre itself.

Salsa music seems to inspire an instant reaction in Latin music lovers everywhere. It is the rhythm, the dance, the musical excitement that sends millions of people to the dance floor—Latino or not. Hence what Kiki Sire brings to the table already has a beckoning audience.

‘Salsa’ literally means sauce, a hot and spicy concoction common in the Latin world. Today the word has come to represent a genre of exciting music and dance emanating from the Spanish speaking Caribbean that developed along with son, danzon, guaracha and others in Cuba under the influence of Afro-Caribbean and European music.

Kiki Sire retains all of the genre’s heat and spice during the 8 tracks on “Rutina” with an often salsa romantica twist. And in true salsa style Kiki’s music delivers all the exotic percussion and horns into the mix.

But over and above the exciting rhythms, the album is predominantly about Kiki Sire’s art of singing the salsa. The album has great song writing, instrumentation, lyrics and of course, that uniquely wonderful Kiki Sire voice and soulful salsa expression.

The Latin American / Cuban essence oozes through your pores and your hairs stand on end with the excitement Kiki’s crooning provides. He is the owner of a sensitive and romantic voice, without ever being too sweet in the slower songs or over-exuberant in the upbeat tunes.

It is this inherent class and constraint that distinguishes him from many salsa singers, and can best be appreciated on the bolero flavored ballad “SI TE DIJERO”, and on tracks such as “MENTIROSA”, “QUE TE PERDONE DIOS” and “QUIERO”. For those wondering what Kiki Sire would sound like in English, the answer is to be found on the track “TELL ME WHY”.

I would to say in general that “Rutina” is not salsa dura, hence the arrangements are not too complex, making this an easy listening experience for everyone…provided you can keep yourself away from the dance-floor, which is a very hard task where any type of salsa is concerned!


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