Kenny Fame: “An Intimate Portrait” – alternative in nature, with an introspective touch

As a Kenny Fame fan you must be willing to follow him as he creates, releases and moves on, or else you will be lost. Kenny’s new EP, “An Intimate Portrait”. This EP is an example of how Kenny’s sound has emerged and acknowledges what music has to offer today. It’s alternative in nature, with a very introspective touch.

In a lyrical sense, Kenny puts his heart on his sleeve, and though he is singing from his own personal perspective, he doesn’t come short of metaphorically discussing a message of the world we currently live in today.

kenny-fame-aip-350On this recording you will find, what has now become for me, Kenny Fame’s best song to date – and that is “I Want It All”. Musically the track has a moody and brooding soundscape as Kenny unravels the difficulties of a relationship that cannot weather the storm of events that run against it.

Extremely pungent and highly relevant, this track could speak to millions of couples in the same situation. Kenny voice is also at its emotional best as he carries the track with deep, somber tones and nuances that will thoroughly engage and pull the listener in.

This is a compact compilation containing only three songs and three spoken interludes which help to introduce and set the mood for each ensuing track.

Yet “An Intimate Portrait” is a lyrical tour de force, a uniquely themed recording chock full of sonic goodies. Like the opening track, “Friend Zone” which bumps on a slow-burning electronic beat that sounds like a ticking clock moving steadily ahead as Kenny is in a club waiting for a friend.

“Music In Your Life” is an upbeat song meant to help us pick up the pieces of our lives that are usually battered and worn from the emotional and financial difficulties inflicted upon you.

“An Intimate Portrait” is intensely personal like no former Kenny Fame release, and that’s saying something, considering how personal his songs usually are. I really appreciate this level of introspection from a man so sensitive to life’s dilemmas.

Herein we find Kenny struggling with his former self, lost loves, regret, poverty, hardships, self-inflicted loneliness, and his own search for truths. Amidst a disposable, rapidly spiraling neo-cultural background that’s indifferent to genuine musical talent in favor of flavor of the day tube personalities with but a modicum of talent.

I am captivated by the quasi-spiritual, emotionally-driven notion, very subtly permeating “An Intimate Portrait” that love and unity can conquer all eventually. If you don’t have this EP yet, get it… if you do, give it a few more spins before casting final judgment, I promise this one doesn’t disappoint!

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