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JustCallMeTrigg X DeerayDaGold – “Michigan Flow (Deluxe)”

On the album “Michigan Flow (Deluxe)”, we see JustCallMeTrigg come into his own as an artist, as he utilizes hard 808 production to complement his effortless flows. It’s clear from the opening title track that he has a clear direction of where he wants to take his music. Alongside JustCallMeTrigg we find DeerayDaGold, as well features from JustCallMeTone and DC3. This album is jam-packed with great tracks. Together all involved delivered an impressive project from start to finish highlighting technical rapping skills and an impressive ear for production.

Across the 15 tracks, JustCallMeTrigg and DeerayDaGold showcase the ability to construct intricate rhyme schemes and smooth fast-moving flows. Although the most remarkable aspect of the album is the rappers technical lyrical ability, they also showcase the ability to provide great beats and super features for these tracks. Their chemistry is apparent throughout the project and their cohesion serves as a huge factor for why this album is so enjoyable.

“Michigan Flow (Deluxe)” is an impressive album with each song perfectly complementing each other, while JustCallMeTrigg and DeerayDaGold exceed expectations on this project and should start being aligned amongst other high-level rappers. From the energetic intro of the title track, to the victory lap on “Syrup Anthem II”, this is an enjoyable listen from start to finish.

From the moment that you press play on “Michigan Flow (Deluxe)”, you will feel like you’ve entered into JustCallMeTrigg and DeerayDaGold crazy explicit rap world. They play the perfect tour guides for this world, as, throughout the album, they bounce off the walls of whatever beat they are handed. On the real, it’s thoroughly intriguing to listen to. The music is fun and has a great sound. JustCallMeTrigg and DeerayDaGold came out swinging for the fences with this album, and they hit it out of the park.

Find all streaming links here: https://album.link/cndbzzj5rnmgb

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