Junior Turner: “Tonight” – a vocal stimulant that can give your ears what they need!

After two years away from the music scene, July 2nd signals the official return of the award-winning pop singer and songwriter, Junior Turner when he drops his brand new single “Tonight”. Tipping his hat to some of the success stories of the modern day music scene, Junior has always managed to keep each and every song grounded with his excellent songwriting and musicianship – an important quality when it comes to lasting power. Recognition of big time songwriters who have gone before runs through Junior’s catalog and it’s hard to believe that he aims for anything less than the same sort of recognition as his own future legacy. An ambition that is achievable for one who has had a hand in some of the best pop ballads on the independent pop scene in the last few years.

Quite fittingly, Junior Turner comes out all guns blazing, on what sounds like a potential smash hit single.  Junior knows a little something about music and what it takes to entertain. Ready to prove that he has something that your ears need; the emotion is there and the foot-tapping beat is also there. This is a love anthem with a mission. Led by a thoroughly fleshed out and multi-layered production. Passionate and soulful in during the verses and joyfully rapturous in the choruses, Junior knocks this one out of the park.

Production, songwriting and performing-wise, “Tonight” proves for the umpteenth time that Junior Turner is in the big league. It also shows the myriad of influences pepper into Junior’s soul-stirring and hip-shaking sound; there is a lot of Pop, plenty of Blue-eyed Soul, and an all-around adrenalin-filled euphoria that candidly sings of love. The narrator is in an uplifting emotional state, finally achieving the love he needs, and never wanting to stop desiring it.

In total contrast with the hedonistic, all-sex and all-drug themes, currently running rife in contemporary music, this is what makes the song so humanly appealing, and ready to soundtrack a whole lot of ordinary, decent people’s lives. Junior belts and spears his vocals like a love warrior, and we can’t help but follow his example.

The more intriguing his sonic back-drop, the more you realize Junior is a vocal stimulant that can give your ears what they need. Now that he’s back to where he wants to be, Junior Turner had better start to wear some shades, because the future is looking pretty bright for him again!

MORE ABOUT: Junior Turner has been singing on the entertainment circuit as well as holiday resorts abroad for 20 years since the tender age of just 14. However he then landed on the national music scene in 2010 and 2011 respectively with releases for BBC’s Children in Need and then the UK armed forces charity ‘Help For Heroes’.

Subsequently Junior burst into the USA State charts with several state chart number one hits, as well as winning several prestigious independent music awards including an honorary award held in the Grammy hall of fame for his songwriting. With two critically acclaimed albums under his belt – ‘Under Scrutiny’ and ‘Direction’, Junior has worked with and held in high regard with some of the biggest producers and music professionals in today’s industry.

“Tonight” is officially released on Monday 2nd July 2018. Stay connected with Junior Turner on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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