Jonathan Burkett AKA John Blake: “Taking Numbers” Featuring Jae Mazor – style, swagger and swang!

Miramar, FL artist, Jonathan Burkett AKA John Blake, is a Songwriter, Recording Artist, Author, Motivator, Poet, and Entrepreneur. In the wake of trials and adversity, he has found motivation through faith and continues to pursue his challenge to the current state of both the indie circuit and commercial mega brands. He has just dropped his latest project – the single entitled, “Taking Numbers” Featuring Jae Mazor, Produced by Troyton Rami of Blackshadow Records. This track is representative of the Burkett’s hip hop nation today: all style and all substance.

Jonathan Burkett
Jonathan Burkett

Jonathan Burkett AKA John Blake has taken it to the next level. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Depending on your personal taste in music, you may not be interested in ever putting a song on repeat for an hour. But you will be addictively drawn to the banging beat, smooth flow and outstandingly catchy hook on “Taking Numbers” Featuring Jae Mazor.

Jonathan Burkett’s musical rhapsody and trendy charm shine through; you can clearly here that in the production, vocals and songwriting that is involved with this track. It’s very musical…not just beats and tones. No doubt this cat is one of the rising stars in the Underground Rap Game, and a much needed figure to bolster a completely terrible time in Hip Hop.

“Taking Numbers” is not a track that needs to marinate first. You simply put this thing on, turn it up, and ride with it. Burkett made it that easy to listen, and to groove to. It’s a mix of a heart-thumping beat and Jonathan Burkett’s style, swagger and swang.

jonathan-burkett-680Throughout the recording he raps freely in a distinct and unmistakable flow over a pumping bassline and rubbery beat courtesy of producer Troyton Rami. Jae Mazor’s far-reaching soulful voice simply puts the cherry on top of an irresistible hook.

Some people may say the song and subject matter is not serious enough but they’re missing the point. If they do their history on urban music, they would find that all the jams back in the day were fun, party-oriented jams. Jonathan Burkett moves that glorious jam session into the club…and his ready to take your number.

Jonathan Burkett has come a long way onto the music scene, and if you’re not a fan after you listen to “Taking Numbers” featuring Jae Mazor, then I don’t know what to say!


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