Jennifer Juan – ‘Dream Serene’ is released worldwide!

Spring is upon us, and British writer and musician Jennifer Juan has the perfect song to relax to, on the lighter evenings, with her new single ‘Dream Serene’. Released on Friday April 3rd, Dream Serene follows recent singles Cloud Nine, Aquarius and Lifestyles Of The Loved and Blameless, from her recent album Deus Ex Machina, and signals a new era for the musician and writer. Combining soft, vulnerable vocals with lulling, hazy production, ‘Dream Serene’ is a tranquil tale of letting go of the anxieties of life, and easing into love.

Speaking about the song, Juan said “I wrote the song a very long time ago, and I just couldn’t make it work, but then, I fell in love, for the first time, in a very long time, and I found a way to recreate the song to reflect my new experiences.”

After the success of her recent book Deus Ex Machina, which hit Amazon Bestseller status in the first week of sale, the accompanying album, and a string of performances at the start of the year, including venues such as London’s prestigious Poetry Cafe, Dream Serene is an indication of Juan’s next move as an artist.

Her signature playful but profound lyricism, and dreamy, lush production, utilizing soft beats and strong melodies come together to create a sound that is uniquely Juan’s, setting her apart from her peers, and signaling a strong direction for her next release.

Discussing her further plans for 2020, Juan said “I’m working on the next album at the moment, I’m experimenting with a lot of older sounds, trying to make them new again. I’m also excited to tour again, hopefully at the end of the year.”

‘Dream Serene’ released on Friday April 3rd, worldwide, on all digital stores and streaming services, and the music video is available now on YouTube.

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