Jeff Woodall: “I Won’t Leave You Behind” forges a feeling of relaxation and mental wandering

Jeff Woodall was born in London and raised in Hertfordshire, UK. Following high grades in a school ‘Tone’ test at his secondary school, music lessons were recommended.  So, of all the instruments to choose from, Jeff decided to learn the drums! After a while he taught himself to play the guitar and later expanded his interest into keyboards and synthesizers.  After a long period of experimentation, he concluded that the style of music he wrote naturally was in the field of ‘Chillout’, ‘Feelgood’ and ‘Uplifting’, although his musical tastes and influences include a wide variety of artists and styles.

Jeff Woodall
Jeff Woodall

Since 2004 Jeff has released a consistent number of EP’s and Albums, as well as music for TV and Film, we recently caught up with one of his latest singles, entitled “I Won’t Leave You Behind”. This may possibly be the mellowest, relaxing, and chilled out track I have ever listened to. This is the track to put on if you want to relax, whether alone or with a loved one.

This is the track to put on when you would like to veg out or take a trip into your own mind without leaving the comfort of your own home. This is the track to listen to after you’ve had a long, stressful day at work or have had to deal with the in-laws all day. This is the track to listen to on those nights when you can’t fall asleep and you feel like there’s no way it’ll ever happen.

Apart from being a multi-instrumentalist, Jeff Woodall is a genius at mixing and production. “I Won’t Leave You Behind” has such a nice ebb and flow, creating a really chilled out atmosphere! Everyone with a computer, some samples and a half-speed beat thinks they can make quality chillout or downtempo music. Have a look at the sheer volume of this kind of music released monthly, repackaged in multiple different ways with all trendy nametags.

The question is how much of this has craftsmanship, how much has artistic inspiration? These are noticeable ingredients in Jeff Woodall’s music. Within the rich textures of each track, and the earnest instrumentation – the idea and the aptitude are clearly felt.

Jeff Woodall’s music on “I Won’t Leave You Behind”, is sweet, gentle, slow, lush, and removed from the usual one-dimensional cheese beats to be found in this category. He creates soundscapes that forges a feeling of relaxation, mental wandering, and can even take the edge off rush hour. The track does for your soul, what paintings in a museum do for your mind.


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