JAMEH is getting set to release her debut album – “I Can Only Be Me”

Jameh (pronounced Jah-may) was born Jannett Haley Parris in Deerfield Beach, Florida to a renowned pastor and prominent First Lady. Jameh made her first solo debut at the age of six in the stands of her father’s church choir. Today she has managed to combine the perfect blend of church traditions with mainstream harmonies to create a unique mix Neo-Soul and Urban-Praise, as Jameh defines it.

Jameh is set to release her debut album, “I Can Only Be Me”, which will be launched with a special event on Friday 12/11/2015. We recently caught up with the title track which is currently available as a FREE download right HERE, as well as the single, “Let It Go”. There is no question that Jameh is an extremely talented singer. These lead tracks, are beautiful songs, immediately pleasing to the ear and songs you will find yourself singing along to each time you hear them. Listening to Jameh perform is a true delight, her voice is impeccable and she really is a good performer.


So what does Jameh have to offer that would make her stand out? As it turns out she has a gift not only for well-conceived vocal phrasing as well as a clear and wide range to boot, but also for being able to use dramatic melodies and harmonics very creatively. “I Can Only Be Me”  and “Let It Go” are great career openers mainly for their soaring melodic vocals, escalating synths and banging beats, putting them among the more rhythmically enjoyable and challenging urban songs out now.

And with her vocal ability, passion and lyrical style built heavily on metaphor and wordplay, Jameh is really able to allow her talents to take off in a hugely significant way without seeming too controlled by outside sources. She has a style that is suited to both elaborately produced ballads and up-tempo material, and whatever she does is done very well.

I’m not sure where Jameh’s career is going to go in the future, having not yet heard her full debut album for further reference. But going by what these tracks offer I’d say she represents a definite future for the Neo-Soul and Urban-Praise music world, she so dearly defines herself in.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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