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J-Hamz & Jaculator – “I’d Do Anything” Ft. Michelle Molineux is in the EDM heavyweight division!

Doctors by day, DJs/producers by night, best mates J-Hamz & Jaculator (@JHamzAndJaculator) teamed up with accomplished performer Michelle Molineux (facebook.com/michellemolineux) to co-write their original progressive house track, “I’d Do Anything”. Digital Empire Records hosted a remix contest for the track and the winning remixes have also been included in the track package. The sound of “I’d Do Anything” (and its remixes) is impeccable: very crisp, very sold, and very clear – well, you get the idea. That’s the very first, non-negotiable quality I ask of any EDM track. J-Hamz & Jaculator get it absolutely right. If you love great melodic progressive house that builds into something energetic and explosive, you’ll love this track. “I’d Do Anything” is in the EDM heavyweight division, though what’s so captivating about J-Hamz’s work here is that it never bludgeons you with its brilliance.

j-hamz-jaculator-350As a producer, J-Hamz’s can create depth to the music that in my opinion so many other artists lack. His music isn’t just a catchy melody with a steady beat like so much of the genre has become. He can blend together sounds like the leader of a fine orchestra. The depth, feeling and chords of his synths produce a wall of sound that hits you with full force when you crank up the volume. And when the beat and effects work of Jaculator clicks in together with the rest, you will understand the track’s significance on an even higher level.

As for the vocals, there are only a handful of EDM divas that do everything right. What makes Michelle Molineux so special is the airiness and tone of her voice. I think the appeal is that EDM tends to swing from pulsating highs to almost a whisper at times. Not every vocalist has the finesse to compliment the swing. Michelle can pull it off masterfully, as her strength is her femininity. What does that mean?

Think of it like this. You’ve all seen King Kong. EDM can be likened to King Kong. It’s huge and it pounds and roars with high emotion. What happens to Kong when he sets eyes on the girl? He’s captivated. She calms the beast with her sweet tenderness, her delicateness. That is Michelle Molineux. I think this is evident throughout everything she does, but it is best portrayed in “I’d Do Anything”. The driving rhythms, soaring synths, pumping basslines, all coupled with Michelle’s affective vocals, make the drawdowns magical and it grabs you and whisks you to the top all over again.

J-Hamz-Jaculator-CoverThe track’s remixes kick off with First place winner Unkn0wn’s remix, which manages to both glow and bang at the same time, and contains an impressively vibrant and uplifting build. Next up, is an ethereal and futuristic take by Portland duo DrtyDncn with a surprisingly gritty drop, followed by a beautifully-executed melodic Dubstep remix by Simpsonill, and a warm and mellow remix by Chacon.

Prior to this release, J-Hamz’ original, “Until The End”, was released as a Beatport Featured Track in the Progressive House genre on OTW Recordings, and is currently OTW Recordings’ second best seller on Beatport. J-Hamz also produces a podcast for Freeminded FM, Real Recordz Netlabel, and FSC Radio.

Michelle Molineux is a triple-threat Canadian actress who made her film debut in 2007 and has played in numerous films, television shows and music videos, as well as having voiced for several cartoon series. Musically, Michelle has been received with enthusiasm in dance clubs and by local DJs, and has been nominated in many musical awards. She is currently working, on writing and recording her EP.

ALL LINKS j2.lnk.to/iddoanything
Beatport btprt.dj/1SdFHMM
iTunes apple.co/1ojpoBk

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