“I Wish It Could Be Different” is a powerful endorsement for Silent Sleep

Silent Sleep is the music project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter/producer Christopher McIntosh. The idea for Silent Sleep started while he was living in Berlin, Germany in 2010. In 2012, Chris decided to return to his hometown of Liverpool, UK to focus on his music. After a successful pledge music campaign, Silent Sleep’s first album, Walk Me To The Sea, was independently released. The positive reaction to the album created a variety of opportunities to perform around the world.

silent-sleep-300bIn Spring 2014, Chris returned to the studio to record his second album, Stay the Night, Stay the Morning Too. On January 19, 2015, the album will debut globally to 80+ different music services including Xbox, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Simfy, as well as, at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

The importance of being a reviewer comes home to roost. How long would have it taken me otherwise to find out about such an amazing artist? Silent Sleep takes 5 minutes and 6 seconds to create a perfect calling card for the new album with the track “I Wish It Could Be Different”. It is a powerful endorsement for Christopher McIntosh, and it’s no understatement.

“I Wish It Could Be Different” is not an overly complex song but its simplicity adds a whole lot to its charm; a little bit rock, a little bit folk, a little bit pop.  Almost like a fine wine, you can distinguish the key ingredients as you swish it around in your mouth and after giving this song a listen or two.

Most bands are trying to re-invent the wheel while Silent Sleep is simply making music. The song is a strong one and Chris offers the perfect vocal delivery. While the tonal qualities of his voice may present a familiar recollection, the annunciations are very unique; often times reminding me just how much a voice can contribute greatly to the instrumentation of an arrangement.

Musically you can expect a dynamic, lush arrangement with layered swirling guitars, catchy harmonies and a lead vocal track in which the production has crafted an endearing atmospheric feel. In a world full of the Voices and American Idols, Silent Sleep really stands out.

silent-sleep-300Running through a couple of other tracks from the album, you notice how Silent Sleep maintains large doses of sweet melodies, lush arrangements and pristine vocals, it all adds up to something special indeed.

Lyrically Chris McIntosh is crafty as well, as he delivers fragments, gentle nudges in the direction of his stories. Often, the listener gets a fair idea of what’s happening and is left to piece it together, fill in the blanks on their own. This is a big part of what makes the Silent Sleep recordings intriguing and keeps you coming back to it, again and again.

Everything Silent Sleep does, sound’s thoroughly modern due to the excellent production but is also, firmly rooted in the past, there’s a heart to this music that can mainly be found in the singer-songwriter tradition, it is timeless music, expansive and far-reaching.

Silent Sleep has a 12-month promotion plan for the 12-track album, Stay the Night, Stay the Morning Too. The story behind one of the 12 tracks will be highlighted each month on Silent Sleep’s website using a variety of mediums including photos, blog posts, and videos. The songs chronicle different personal experiences from Chris’ childhood including departure of his father when he was a toddler and what it felt like to grow up in the shadows of The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club.


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