Hollis Jordan – “Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae – a great example of a true craftsman!

Hollis Jordan’s penchant for shape-shifting will undoubtedly become his signature, as he points to the pursuit of R&B/Pop domination. His latest single, “Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae, is a vibrant banger built around classic warm keys, liquid polyrhythms and skittering hi-hats. It’s a track about love, lust and desire that easily brings listeners into a euphoric state. Hollis Jordan is an infinitely versatile and assured singer. He’s a great example of a true craftsman taking all his ideas, pulling them in, and turning them into top-shelf music.

“Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae shows Hollis Jordan’s growth as an artist, since his first national single “Live For The Moment” produced by older brother – well-known Detroit  producer MoStaxx. With an impressive range, Hollis masters getting different sounds and nuances to jell together cohesively. He is an absolute professional. An artist who knows where to put the bridge, and the exact right moment to bust out his unearthly falsetto.

Hollis Jordan’s unyielding vocals paired with sultry sonics introduce a sexy record for those looking for a dancefloor groove to relax and unwind to. The song is both edgy and smooth, calling for an easy-listening experience. Featured guest Zaire Danae adds a dose of streetwise energy and mellifluous vocal spice to the recording. She hones in on juxtaposing Jordan’s power, offering a contrast throughout the sing. And incredibly enough, succeeds.

“Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae is sure to expand Hollis Jordan’s presence to a large variety of listeners, as he provides us an authentic soulified R&B voice that many modern-day artists lack. Moreover, there’s a lot going on musically in the song, but all the ideas meld perfectly, and it seems like they cohere mostly because Hollis Jordan has been watching his peers and taking careful note of what works, and what doesn’t.

“Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae is alternately flirty and intensely soulful, and it knows when to be one and when to be another. It runs on top of beat that is subtly infused with elegant Dancehall nuances, perfectly adapted to the sexiest twerking movements. “Runaway” thrills come when Hollis Jordan lets loose, particularly when listened to on a pair of good headphones. But to truly savor all of its majesty, unleash it to a packed dancefloor.

Those who’ve already heard Hollis Jordan, will know that he was basically born to be a successful entertainer. He’s too talented, too self-assured and probably too ambitious to do live doing anything else. Furthermore, his bloodline is set to heavily determine his future in some way or another.

Born into a musical family, Detroit’s Hollis Jordan is the second cousin to female rapper Bo$$ of Def Jam Records, and 6th cousin to legendary Jazz icon – American trumpeter, composer, and singer Louis Armstrong. Strangely enough, history always seems to find a way of repeating itself. Charting the crooner’s development, “Runaway” ft. Zaire Danae sees Hollis Jordan proudly flying his own personal artistic flag.


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