“Here and Now” – Very drum and percussion oriented, Dwayne W.Tyree is a deep bassy breath of fresh sound.

Drummer, percussionist and producer, Dwayne W.Tyree has dropped his latest EP, entitled “Here and Now”. It consists of 4 electronic dance tracks riding the crest of the House and Tech House wave, which completely floored me. There is no high or low point. It’s all very constant. Not repetitive, mind you, but constant; the constant throb of drums, layered percussion, bass and synth syncopation.

Dwayne W. Tyree
Dwayne W. Tyree

Dwayne W.Tyree does an amazing job of staying true to his intuition and lays out a great slab of chunky house and letting it simply explode in a calm expression of controlled fury. This EP is a deep steaming set of dark rhythms, much like some of Tenaglia’s stuff, but i think Dwayne does a better of job of providing quality tracks in succession, with no boring time-filler anthems to skip. This mood runs from deep and dark to groove-laden bass, but it’s the precision and patience that Dwayne exerts that finally hooks you.

This is definitely not a set for fans of Seaman or Oakenfold, but rather for those who revel in seas of percussion and minimalism, with amazing technique to boot. As with most good albums, whether it be rock, house, trance or whatever, it may take you a few listens to warm up to “Here and Now” but it will soon become one of your favorites in your collection. Very drum and percussion oriented, Dwayne W.Tyree is a deep bassy breath of fresh sound.

When it comes to house, Mister Dwayne W.Tyree does it justice. His choices in track selections are well put together and blend superbly. From “Oh Baby” and “You’re the Reason” to the two versions of “Save The Dance For Me”, the mixing and production is flawless. I’ll say it again, it may take a while to get this, but Dwayne is the man when it comes to grooves and beats. You will like this if you have been around for a while in club-land and are into less commercial, housy, subliminal, tech grooves. It doesn’t get much better than this, ladies and gents. Not too many producers can get such a consistently tasteful hypnotic beat and sound, song after song, leaving you in a mesmerized state of stupor. Dwayne W.Tyree accomplishes this in “Here and Now”.


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