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Hard-rock and metal band Crow Eats Man drops the single “Jaded”

Formed back in April of 2016, Crow Eats Man, is a hard-rock metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. A powerful musical force composed of five members: Sebastian Sanchez on vocals, Reku Heims, Elliot Hu, on guitars, Nick Coleman on bass, and Richard Barnes on drums.

This inspired group bonded immediately over their shared respect for such 90’s iconic rockers such as Alice in Chains, Rage Against The Machine, and Stone Temple Pilots. A true juggernaut of aggressive sound, Crow Eats Man, is creating serious momentum with the recent release of their highly-anticipated, self-titled, new EP.

Gathering their inspiration from not only the 90’s Alt-Rock greats, but through sources such as film and videogame soundtracks, and genres such as Jazz and Funk; Crow Eats Man strives to create emotionally charged and driven music.

With their hard-hitting, new single “Jaded”Crow Eats Man are gaining attention for their sophisticated song arrangements, their incredibly catchy riffs, and their infectious hook-lines.

Crow Eats Man is the exciting sum of all their parts; a thick layered sound, interwoven with ambient interludes, dynamic song structures, and expressive vocals; this is a hard-rock act that you will want to add to your playlists immediately!

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