Han Sino – “The Sine Wavez Sessions” full of fleeting, concise strokes that evoke dynamicity

The 20 tracks on the new LP from musician and multi-disciplinary artist Han Sino swirl in a mix of elements, patterns and cycles. Having released a number of records on the underground scene, Sino has yet again shown his ability to continually expand in unpredictable directions. Though in reality, this album, entitled “The Sine Wavez Sessions”, sees him return to his musical origins of pure electro sound. While the tracks use the ingredients of Western electronic music, these are disassembled and filtered through Han Sino’s own unique perspective, creating sounds which are powerful and haunting. “I play forbidden notes, and I play with disorder. I’m unusual and unorthodox. Sometimes I may even go too far,” says Han Sino, of himself, “but I always try to find harmony,” he concludes.

“The Sine Wavez Sessions” which is actually an abbreviated name for the original title – ‘The Sine Wavez Sessions – The Sino/Ludez Project – A Maelström Of Soundz’ – is an exceptional and frequently complex piece of work.

There are moments of impenetrable and conflicting motifs that not all listeners will be able to process immediately. Some are dense and confining, others are spacious and ambient-like. However, even these parts all make sense. What else is the reality that we are all currently experiencing if not impenetrable and conflicting?

Han Sino’s tremendous creative independence is a remarkable sight. The musician’s unique style to music eludes most qualifying terms. Initially recorded over a 12-day period, Sino was not wholly satisfied, worked for 4 more days, adding an equal number of new tracks.

In the process, he also reworked some older tracks, such as ‘Les Couleurs Du Soir’, ‘Hypnotic Belly Dance’, and ‘Chillin’ On The Hill’, which garnered him attention between 2008-2010. It’s interesting to note that all track names have been replaced by numbers.

It is even more interesting to note, that the numbered titles do not follow sequentially. In fact, it starts from # Sino/Lude #10, to #11 and #12, then moves from #7 to #13, and jumps down and up, and back down, with certain numbers repeating themselves.

The repeated numbers appear to be enhanced or different versions of themselves. It is pointless to try and predict what he might come up with on each arrangement, as Han Sino is ever determined to follow his own creative muse.

Han Sino’s music here, is fueled by both experimentation and intimacy, with emotional and visceral sounds that bridge the gap between artist and listener. His sonic atmospheres are full of fleeting, concise strokes that evoke the dynamicity and control of a landscape.

These twenty musical pieces are short, but long enough to hold space for all kinds of listeners – they can be welcoming or ominous, happy or sad. “The Sine Wavez Sessions” is a beguiling and confounding high water mark of it’s genre.

Interpretation of these compositions is fluid and highly subjective. To engage with Han Sino’s amorphous sonic universality might feel complex at first, but after living with the record for some time, it begins to feel like a special kind of auditory freedom. Sino perceives all kinds of contradictory sounds within his mind as he put together these tiny sonic jewels, however he always strives to maintain a certain sense of harmony throughout.

Beautifully embracing the extremes of duality and contrasts, Han Sino threads all of his sounds and beats through meaningful emotional peaks, skillfully bringing together, even the most disparate elements, into one cohesive whole.

“The Sine Wavez Sessions” works as an album, because it does not sound as annoyingly calculated and conventional as the usual mainstream electronic music. The recording is his perfectly unexpected, but logical move back towards his roots as an electronic musician. Han Sino is now clearly one of the most thrilling and forward thinking figures in his music niche.

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