H.O.P.E – “Butterflies” – a knockout track with awesome vocals that is beautiful both lyrically and melodically

Born and raised in South Africa, H.O.P.E, born Diane Tsholofelo Mtakati, is an upcoming Independent Recording & Performing Artist/Singer/Songwriter. She started singing and performing at a very young age, but at the age of 12yrs old she started to pursue her dreams to becoming a music artist. She studied at the Campus of Performing Arts in Pretoria, majoring in Vocal Live performance and Music Production/Sound Technology. H.O.P.E moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2013, to pursue and develop her career as an International Artist.


H.O.P.E recently released her Electro Pop/Dance single, “Butterflies”, with executive producer Winston “Rock” Elliott. A deliciously stimulating song about those angst-driven butterflies you get in your stomach due to that ‘special someone’ in your life. H.O.P.E delivers a knockout track with awesome vocals that is beautiful both lyrically and melodically.

The lyrics brilliantly paint a true-to-life portrait that is totally relatable to just about anyone. Within the pop monotony that the music industry is pumping into the airwaves like high fructose corn syrup, it’s refreshing to find this little gem. Apart from H.O.P.E’s distinctively soaring voice, the song production is wonderfully full of interesting layers of sounds and anthem-building chord progressions. It’s a 3-in-1 triumph of melody, moving story and thumping beat – everything you could want in modern electro-pop!

“Butterflies” was such a great surprise as I was unfamiliar with H.O.P.E until I heard this. She has such an amazing voice and she always puts her heart into every note. You can sense the devotion and passion she puts into her music. If you’re one of those older boomers who thinks most contemporary music is boring and uninspired. “Butterflies” is a grand exception. It is a thrill to hear the inventiveness of her phrasing, lyrics, and music. H.O.P.E is able to maintain her raw, emotional creativity, while sounding accessible to mainstream radio audiences and dance floor geeks. It’s an amazing balance of sound that your eardrums will revel in.


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