Grimbit: “Sunset Blvd” – innovative rhythms and sound construction

Let me first say that I am definitely a big Grimbit fan but he still needs to do a great job to impress me. His previous effort was a solid effort but “Sunset Blvd” is absolutely above that. From start to finish this EP brings out a similar but still different sound than we’re used to.

“Skid Row” is definitely my favorite track but there are so many other great tracks on here that this easily makes it 5 stars. Grimbit continues to eclipse his peers by creating memorable electronic tunes that transcend time and space.

This EP was a genuine treat. Grimbit delivers a short set of tracks that showcase a matured sensibility. Refreshingly chill and catchy rhythms and melodies infuse each track with their own distinction that paces “Sunset Blvd” nicely.

Grimbit-Sunset-CoverIt’s easy to want more once you’re done but lean and trim makes for a solid listen that doesn’t require skipping through tracks on repeated listens.  Always interesting and innovative, Grimbit rarely disappoints, and his slower songs such as “Chinese Whispers” are imaginative and compelling.

You can listen to this EP over and over again and be surprised every time. The reason that music like this exists is because there are no words to approximate what it means or accomplishes. You could say that some songs flow like the trickle-down perspiration on the walls of unexplored caves.

Melodic elements slowly grow more dominant, culminating in the beautiful combination of groove, dirty and epic on “MalFUNKtion”. Grimbit manages to take the notion of electronic music beyond the spectrum of most modern music and to the level of some of the classical greats.

With innovative rhythms and sound construction that conveys an essential purity of music, he has created something worthy of your time.

What Grimbit always retains is an unique warmth that exudes in great generous pulses from everything he does. There’s surefootedness and glee about his music which combines with an unabashed poignancy.  “Sunset Blvd” is smart and almost laid back, as opposed to ultrafast and hard.

It is sensual because the bass is so deep and so low that you get a fuzzy feeling as it plays. As the opening notes from the start of this EP gives way, and you begin to pulse and sway, you find yourself remembering just exactly why there is only one artist that does electronic music this way, and how he does it to perfection.

There is a lot of electronic music out there and not all of it is good. This latest offering from Grimbit shows us that he is still a master of his art. “Sunset Blvd” releases October 1, 2016.


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