Grand Rezerva: “Hellhound” – unpretentious, raw, no frills authenticity!

Launched in 2009 the rock band Grand Rezerva consists of Michael C. Svensson (vocals) Andreas Lundberg (guitar) Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson (guitar) Thomas Helgesson (drums) and Zoak (bass). They have conquered Radio, Stages and Media across the globe – from Europe, to South America, Asia, Canada and the United States. The band’s music has also been used in several shows, podcasts and films. Now they kick off 2019 with a brand new single, entitled “Hellhound”, which was recorded in the band’s Grand Anarchy Studios by A. Lundberg. Released on January 18th, the track was mixed and mastered by Beau Hill, whose credits include – Ratt, Alice Cooper, Europe, and Gary Moore. I have a feeling this band is going to be huge in the next months to come, and they deserve to be recognized. If you are a fan of classic, hard or melodic rock, give Grand Rezerva a listen. There are very few rock n’ roll bands still turning out this kind of unpretentious, raw, no frills authenticity.

Grand Rezerva’s strengths are pulled to the forefront in latest release. “Hellhound” showcases the band’s powerful singing, songwriting and performance abilities. Singer Michael C. Svensson performs perfectly in song with every verse and chorus being full of his aggressive emotion but channeled cleanly and easily showing his passion for the work.

Michael’s vocal range is tested throughout, as he moves from smooth vocals to a harsher tone to show off the emotion in the song. The powerful lyrics, and overall narrative gives the listener yet another reason to listen to the song carefully.

“Hellhound” features an exceptional instrumental backdrop – intense, energetic and raucous it delivers a stunningly raw rock n’ roll soundscape with an aggressive and overdriven tone. The track also features a fiery guitar solo, and a rhythm section that keeps the momentum flowing relentlessly.

Drummer Thomas Helgesson, performs excellently throughout the entirety of the track, keep the beat with the tone of the song. Alongside him, Zoak’s basslines are allowed to prosper. And as is to be expected from any well-respected rock band, the twin guitars of Andreas Lundberg and Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson craft the grit and grime that powers the riffs.

The melodic yet heavy nature of Grand Rezerva’s sound is so refreshing to hear in the current rock and metal landscape.  Beyond just an average rock n’ roll band, Grand Rezerva tap into a sound that yes, sounds familiar enough to get you hooked, yet distances them from the competition with their no-nonsense approach.

Instead of throwing a bunch of commercial crap lyrics and chord progressions together, and relying completely on hype, Grand Rezerva deliver a typical workman-like performance worthy of the genre’s core legacy. All Grand Rezerva have to say, they demonstrate through this record.

“Hellhound” is simple, yet captivating. Aggressive, yet accessible. Classic elements sewed with new attitude. That’s why this track will find a place in the listener’s heart and mind. They are a reminder of simpler and truer days of past rock n’ roll eras, and the brighter days still to come in the future. It’s an instantly likeable, fearless and timeless piece of craft from a band true rock fans will certainly come to love.


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