Garry Moore releases the single “Spread Love Round The World” from the upcoming album, “The Power”

Garry Moore’s 10th solo studio album, “The Power” is set to be released on February 14th 2020. You can expect to hear the classic sound that Garry Moore has become known for throughout his recording career. This album has everything from energetic up tempo grooves, to slow majestic and melodic contemporary gospel ballads.

The album was intentionally recorded for the sole purpose to uplift, strengthen, inspire, empower, encourage, and spiritually refresh all those who have gone through struggles, and by God’s grace made it through to testify of God’s loving kindness, goodness and mercy. With love this album is especially dedicated to you.

The newly released hit single “Spread Love Round The World” is a high energy ‘Old-school Soul Funk Gospel’ song about spreading God’s love, by loving your neighbor as yourself. “If everyone in the world would exercise biblical love the way God intended, there would be much less, or no suffering in the world! It would eliminate poverty, racism, world hunger, violence and all crime,” exclaims Garry.

This high octane track will have you singing and dancing right from the intro until the end of the song. The powerful message of love will uplift your spirit and inspire you to spread God’s love around!

MORE ABOUT: Garry Moore a singer, songwriter, producer and musician wrote his first song at age 12. In 1997 Garry recorded and released his first solo Cd titled “You’re Never Alone” He then followed up that project 4 years later in 2001 with a Cd titled “Yahweh” which rendered the number 1 radio Hit Single “Come As You Are”. Several songs from the Cd received heavy rotation on many college stations.

After a long hiatus of 8 years from the music scene “Paradise” was released in 2009 and re-released by T.M.G in 2010. Garry’s 4th Cd was released in June 2011 entitled “A Blessing For You” which won The Indie Music Award in Hollywood for “Best Male Gospel Artist”. In October 2012 he released his 5th Cd titled “Breakthrough” Which won The Indie Music Channel Award for “Best Gospel Music Producer” Of 2013 for the hit song “God Is So Good” also a “Nomination Certificate Award for Best Album Of The Year” and a Nomination Certificate Award for being nominated 12 times in 11 categories.

His 6th Cd “HERO” was released in June of 2014. Seven songs from the Hero album were nominated for Indie Music Awards winning “Best Male Gospel Artist” of 2014 for the song “I Can’t Live Without You”. In 2016 his 7th Cd “Triumphant Volume 1” was released. Three songs from the album were nominated for music awards. “Whiter Than Snow”, “Stand Up And Clap Your Hands” and “You Get The Glory”.

The song “You Get The Glory” won The Akademia Music Award for The Best Gospel Song Award. In 2017 his 8th Cd “Triumphant Volume 2” was released. The single “What You Come To Do” was nominated for two Indie Music Channel Awards and also won The Akademia Music Award for Best Gospel Song. The single “God Is Bigger” won The Radio Music Award for Best Gospel Artist 2017 and also won The Indie Music Channel Award for Best Gospel Recording.

In 2018 his 9th studio album “Eternal” was released and debuted at number#14 on the Billboard Top Selling Gospel Albums Chart maintaining that position for 3 weeks. Several songs from the album have been recognized and rewarded. The single “The Cross” won The Radio Music Award for Best Gospel Song in 2018. Also winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Urban Gospel Song in 2019. The song “Love Will Get Us There” won The Indie Music Channel Award for Best Gospel Artist of 2019, and the jazzy single “Sunday Afternoon” was nominated for 5 Rhythm Of Gospel Awards in 2019. Garry Moore’s music is available at all mp3 download and streaming stores worldwide.


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